Cassie: NYCC – Let Me Hear You Scream Panel

If you guys haven’t been following along on social media, Good Books and Good Wine hit up New York Comic Con this year in New York City! I attended Thursday, Friday and Saturday. By mid-day Saturday, I was all conned out and felt that I had done what I needed to do. And thus I skipped […]

She bangs, she bangs Oh baby when she moves, she moves

Guys! I am involved in a sekrit project. Observe:   Just kidding! The real secret project is below: The Interrobangs are coming!

Wouldn’t You Like To See Something Strange?

Book Review: Tighter by Adele Griffin I love it when a book leaves me with goosebumps in the middle of the summer, it’s hot outside, yet all the hairs on my arm are raised from reading an incredibly creepy story. Tighter by Adele Griffin is a very short book, yet it will linger in your […]

E. Lockhart, A Totally Awesome Author OR Why You Should Never Wait Months After A Signing To Write About It

Friends, compadres, amigos, I went to a super awesome signing at Oblong Books way back in February. I did cool things like took a video of it, and bought extra books to give away. I also kind of sort of never got around to posting about the signing. BOO on me, I suppose. SO way […]

Throwdown! With Kendare Blake: Werewolves Jacob Black vs. Michael Jackson in Thriller

I’d like to welcome Kendare Blake and let her take over my blog to present to you this THROWDOWN OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!!! Throwdown! With Kendare Blake: Werewolves  Jacob Black vs. Michael Jackson in Thriller Well well. Here we are again. This is the second Throwdown post and giveaway. The first was hosted by Shanyn over […]

Rolling In The AWESOME: A Guest Vlog Featuring Lisa And Laura Roecker

I am pretty sure Liar Society by Lisa And Laura Roecker is not a book that could’ve have it all, but a book that does have it all (minus unicorns and vampires.). Today I’d like to shut my mouth and welcome Lisa and Laura to my blog, as it’s my day for THE BLOG TOUR […]