The Deck Of Omens by Christine Lynn Herman | Book Review

The Deck Of Omens by Christine Lynn Herman is the sequel to The Devouring Gray. This book takes us back to the town of Four Paths in Upstate New York and back to the teens from the first book. This paranormal story concludes the duology. It also provides resolution for each of the main characters as […]

Autumn Book Picks: Nightstruck

Tis the season for SPOOKY. Nightstruck by Jenna Black certainly meets the mark for a spine chilling read. It is a young adult book featuring a Philadelphia that’s straight out of hell. And there’s no escape. Nightstruck basically opens on a sinister note. Apparently a veil between the worlds has been breached and bait has been […]

Hocus Pocus And The All-New Sequel | AW Jantha | Review

Witch, please! I was actually really excited to get my hands on and read through Hocus Pocus And The All-New Sequel by AW Jantha. Normally I am not a huge fan of movie novelizations. They just are not my thing at all. However, nostalgia hits pretty hard. I am absolutely a child who grew up during […]

Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace? Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace is basically a book that I randomly picked to read. It released last year in January 2016 and true to my sloth like nature, I am just now getting around to it. I am glad that I did space it […]

The Dead Boyfriend | Girl In Reverse | Sublime

Sometimes it’s really not the best idea to read something out of nostalgia. It just doesn’t ever seem to live up to your childhood based expectations. I picked up The Dead Boyfriend by RL Stine hoping to recapture the delight of childhood. I especially loved the Fear Street books in middle school. Thus, I thought perhaps […]

Young Scrooge by RL Stine | Book Review

I love how many different iterations there are of Charles Dickens’ Christmas classic, A Christmas Carol. RL Stine’s Young Scrooge adds a bit of a twist to Dickens’ tale and adapts it for a younger audience. While this is not quite the genius that is A Muppet Christmas Carol, it is a fun seasonal read for the appropriate […]