In 2022, I Hereby Resolve To

1. Unhaul 75 Books. Last year’s resolution was 50 and I ended up unhauling over 70. This year I want to try and get rid of even more books. The only downside is that I end up filling that space I cleared with new books. 2. Learn To Be Okay With Shorter Reviews. Sometimes I […]

In 2021, I Hereby Resolve To:

1. Unhaul 50 Books. This is a pretty standard one for me. As I set my goodreads goal for 100 books this year, I think it is reasonable to want to unhaul at least half of those books and clear space for new books to enter my life. Also, it just feels really good to […]

Trick Or Treat: Edison Beaker Creature Seeker

Happy Halloween Week my fellow readers! So, I am apparently a day late and a dollar short when it comes to this post as part of Penguin Kids Wicked Reads blog tour. I blame mom brain and dealing with a sick kiddo all last week. This week though, we are feeling much much better and […]

Find Your Holiday Cheer With These 25 Christmas Themed Books

I told my husband that I can’t wait until Friday because then we can put our Christmas tree up. Friday is November 1st. He looked at my like I had three heads and said we’re waiting until after Thanksgiving. And then of course, I pulled the “Teddy loves Christmas” card. So dear friends, we shall […]

37 Bookish Resolutions To Try In 2019

Hello reader friends. It might just be me, but I LOVE making New Years Resolutions and talking about them. There’s something about the fresh start of a new year and all sorts of goals that really appeals to me. Every year I make a bunch of resolutions – some I actually achieve and some, well, […]

The Book Blogger’s Guide To Moving

The Book Blogger’s Guide To Moving Let me be 100% real with you, moving is a giant pain in the ass. Sure, the adventure of relocating and falling in love with a new area is exciting. The process though can be the worst. I mean, it can make you want to pull your hair out […]