Otherworldly by FT Lukens | Book Review

If you read and enjoy cozy speculative fiction, chances are you have come across FT Luken’s work. Otherworldly is the third book I’ve picked up by Lukens and I have to say — I so enjoy the representation. This is a story about crossroads bargains and what happens when a goddess supposedly abandons a region.  Otherworldly honestly […]

Today Tonight Tomorrow and Past Present Future by Rachel Lynn Solomon | Reviews

Young adult contemporary books still have such a grip on me. I fully enjoyed Rachel Lynn Solomon’s duology – Today Tonight Tomorrow and the sequel Past Present Future. These books were captivating and transported me back to a time in my life where I experienced a lot of transition. It was quite easy to be able to […]

Promchanted by Morgan Matson | Book Review

I will pick up any and every book Morgan Matson writes. Promchanted is one of two new Morgan Matson releases this year and I was pretty excited to read it. After all, who doesn’t love books that have a Disney connection? I eagerly picked this book up to kick off that transition into spring-summer reading. Promchanted follows […]

5 Contemporary YA Books With Interesting Premises

I love a good premise — like give me that hook and I am there. These five books all caught my attention for a different reason. We have a paranormal contemporary version of Northanger Abbey. There’s a book that asks what happens when a loved one dies by overdose – and you infiltrate her life and […]

Wreck The Halls by Tessa Bailey | Book Review

If you are looking to spice up your Christmas reading, check out Wreck The Halls by Tessa Bailey. 

Along Came Holly by Codi Hall | Book Review

Along Came Holly by Codi Hall is the third in the Mistletoe, Idaho series and features the remaining single Winters sibling, Holly. This contemporary romance is perfect for Christmas.