3 Romances To Read This Summer

When it comes to summer, I love lounging around with a contemporary romance. Give me a good trope and breezy writing and I am totally there! The following three books are romances that I breezed through this summer — and would recommend with varying caveats. Summer Reading by Jenn McKinlay is an easy beach read. […]

Audiobook Mini Reviews Part Three

Hey bestie! Here’s another review dump of five audiobooks I’ve recently listened to and genuinely enjoyed! A Cosmic Kind Of Love by Samantha Young I really enjoyed listening to A Cosmic Kind Of Love by Samantha Young. This book features party planner Hallie Goodman who has bright pink hair. She receives essentially a google drive for […]

Once Upon A December by Amy E. Reichert | Book Review

Once Upon A December by Amy E. Reichert was the ideal book to kick off my Christmas reading. This book was like a warm cup of tea. It made me feel cozy and so happy while reading it. This is the kind of book I could happily see turning into a Netflix movie. Reichert’s Once Upon […]

Addicted To You | Ricochet | Krista & Becca Ritchie | Reviews

Addicted To You I am a sucker for books that are called TikTok sensations. Seriously, I am so curious and just cannot resist. So, I knew I had to read Addicted To You by Krista and Becca Ritchie. Additionally, the white minimalist heart cover caught my eye. We love a bold pink font over here. This […]

Go Hex Yourself by Jessica Clare | Book Review

Every autumn I gorge myself on seasonally appropriate books. Go Hex Yourself by Jessica Clare is absolutely spooky season appropriate. It took me a little longer than is my typical to get through this book, but by the end I thought it was quite an okay read. I am at the point where I would definitely […]

From Bad To Cursed by Lana Harper | Book Review

I love spooky season reading. I think one of my new annual traditions is picking up a book by Lana Harper. From Bad To Cursed is the second book in the Witches of Thistle Grove series. This story was such an excellent way to delve into the season. Although it isn’t set during autumn, it still […]