An Overdue Recap of Triple Threat Tour AND A Giveaway

You guys, in my effort to declutter, I realized that I had a pile of six signed books that I NEVER gave away. How nuts is that? And I have three pages of notes from the tour stop at Oblong Books sitting in my notebook and several photos hanging out on my phone. About a year […]

YA Book Signing Photo Album or Sorry I’m So Lazy

Friends, I have been so lucky to attend a plethora of awesome events held by the Hudson Valley YA Society the past few months at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, NY. Although, every time I attend an event, I fully intend to write a long and lengthy detailed recap with highlights and pictures and the whole shebang, but […]

Shadowhunters, Curse Workers, And Demons: A Book Signing Re-Cap

Raise your hand if you like meeting authors! Raise your hand if you like books! Now, raise it up high if you spend money on books like it is monopoly money and not real money. Please tell me I am not the only one with this problem. Y’all, I took a long drive July 15 […]

Fierce Reads: A Re-Cap Of Awesome

Sunday I made the two hour trek to Oblong Books by myself because none of the people I usually drag to signings were available. Yet, it was worth it! I did not get lost or stuck in traffic. I only almost died driving once which is kind of a miracle, y’all, as Allison and my sister […]

Starstruck: On the Kristin Cashore Signing

Friends, there are some authors who you leave work early to go see. Some authors where you volunteer to take every crappy task at work just so you earn karma enough to take off before 5 p.m. For me, that author is Kristin Cashore. Wednesday afternoon I took a half day at work in order […]

Your Mind Is In DELIRIA It’s Like The Darkness Is The Light: A Recap of the Lauren Oliver and Kate Ellison Signing

One of my favorite YA authors is Lauren Oliver, so when I found out she was coming to my favorite indie bookstore, Oblong Books along with debut author Kate Ellison, I totally had to road trip it with Allison and my little sister, because when Lauren Oliver is within driving distance, you get yourself to […]