Make Me Lose My Breath: Breathless Reads Re-Cap plus GIVEAWAY

Peeps, if you get the chance to ever attend a Breathless Reads Tour YOU SHOULD GO! Seriously there is nothing more kick ass than young adult authors. By hook or by crook, YOU SHOULD GO. I know, I get a little repetitive with that. On February 18th, I kidnapped my little sister and drove the […]

Stages On Pages: AKA Authors Are So Boss When It Comes To Music

You guys, Oblong Books is literally worth the long drive for events! HOLY WOWZERS. So last Sunday, despite having work the next day, I drove a grand total of 8 hours (1 hour to pick up my friend, 3 hours to event, 3 hours to drop off friend, and 1 hour home) for Stages On […]

E. Lockhart, A Totally Awesome Author OR Why You Should Never Wait Months After A Signing To Write About It

Friends, compadres, amigos, I went to a super awesome signing at Oblong Books way back in February. I did cool things like took a video of it, and bought extra books to give away. I also kind of sort of never got around to posting about the signing. BOO on me, I suppose. SO way […]

Of Sheep Festivals And Signings: Or How I Made It To Jennifer Donnelly’s Launch Party

Saturday afternoon, I prepped the GPS, picked up my friend and set out to a part of NY that I rarely frequent. Our journey there was safe, and quick for the most part. UNTIL we arrived in Rhinebeck. Upon getting there we saw a long line of cars and backed up traffic. It turns out […]