Curse Of The Specter Queen by Jenny Elder Moke | Book Review

Bless Curse Of The Specter Queen by Jenny Elder Moke because it was giving me all of the National Treasure vibes. And if you know me, you know that I love National Treasure. After all, when I get bored I have been known to say “I’m going to steal the Declaration Of Independence” randomly. Just you […]

The Deck Of Omens by Christine Lynn Herman | Book Review

The Deck Of Omens by Christine Lynn Herman is the sequel to The Devouring Gray. This book takes us back to the town of Four Paths in Upstate New York and back to the teens from the first book. This paranormal story concludes the duology. It also provides resolution for each of the main characters as […]

10 Truths And A Dare by Ashley Elston | Book Review

A few Christmases ago, I was completely won over by Ashley Elston’s 10 Blind Dates. I inhaled that book. So, when I saw that there was a companion novel coming out, I just HAD to read it. 10 Truths And A Dare takes places after the events of 10 Blind Dates and guess what? I inhaled this […]

Be More Chill: The Graphic Novel by Ned Vizzini | Review

Why Did I Read Be More Chill: The Graphic Novel by Ned Vizzini? Previously, I’ve read two books by Ned Vizzini - Teen Angst, Nahhh and The Other Normals. Be More Chill is one of his more famous books, but I’ve not yet read it. The graphic novel adaptation showed up in my mailbox, so I figured it […]

Lore by Alexandra Bracken | Book Review

I love Alexandra Bracken’s versatility in her speculative fiction writing. From time traveling to fiber arts magic to Greek gods and hunters, she really can flex that creative muscle. Lore is Alexandra Bracken’s latest. It’s a bit of a door stopper, but do not let that stop you from reading this excellent story. I have […]

Hocus Pocus And The All-New Sequel | AW Jantha | Review

Witch, please! I was actually really excited to get my hands on and read through Hocus Pocus And The All-New Sequel by AW Jantha. Normally I am not a huge fan of movie novelizations. They just are not my thing at all. However, nostalgia hits pretty hard. I am absolutely a child who grew up during […]