15 Day Book Blogging Challenge | Let’s Get It Started

The other day I was messing around on Pinterest looking up recipes, which then lead into a bizarre spiral of looking up blogging boards and tips, because even though I have been doing this since 2009, there are always things for me to learn. On several blogging boards I came across different blogging challenges with interesting writing prompts, which were a lot like those challenges on Instagram. Unfortunately, none of the challenges were totally book blog related, so I decided HEY OMG OMG I should make one of these for book blogs and for the past 2 hours, I have been working on this super fly challenge!

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

There are no hard and fast rules to participating. I will begin my posts for the challenge starting tomorrow. I will put a linky on the end of each post and leave it up for like 6 months because I am unable to figure out how to make it last longer on inlinkz. If you decide to participate, all I ask is that you link back and maybe leave a comment or two for your fellow participants. Get as creative as you want with this — pictures, vlogs, the works! I am excited to see how you respond to these prompts.

I will be participating because aside from creating this, I have lost a bit of my energy for blogging, as you have probably seen by the sporadic posts of late. Yes, I have been busy. However, there have been days when I get home from work and instead of working on the blog, reading, or exercising I end up turning on the TV and vegging out. That’s not my own personal ideal. And so, I want to be excited again and one of the things that excites me is prattling on and on to you all about things that are personal to me, and you know, reading is SO personal.

Dear readers, I hope that you join in and get to know other members of our vibrant, large, awesome and wonderful community. If you are feeling the blogging doldrums like I am, I hope this helps to pull you out and give you some focus.

Want to join in? Check out each day’s linky by clicking below:


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