Girl Out Of Water by Laura Silverman | Book Review

Why Did I Listen To Girl Out Of Water by Laura Silverman? Girl Out Of Water by Laura Silverman initially hit my radar because of Twitter. Like, I do not know the entire story because I am old and not as into twitter as I once was. However, apparently the author was under internet attack […]

The Last Best Kiss by Claire LaZebnik | Book Review

The Last Best Kiss by Claire LaZebnik is another one of the books I read while waiting around to go into labor. When I say waiting around, I mean I was due March 30th and so basically that was my last day at work because I expected my child to be born at anytime around then. […]

Autofocus by Lauren Gibaldi | Book Review

Autofocus by Lauren Gibaldi really moved up higher on my TBR stack when I saw Eric Smith tweeting about it. There’s just something about unbridled enthusiasm that convinces me to read a book. And so, I decided I need to read this book sooner rather than later. I absolutely do not regret this decision. I […]

The Women In The Walls by Amy Lukavics | Book Review

The Women In The Walls by Amy Lukavics came to my house unsolicited. However, I do tend to like horror novels. So, I decided to give it a go. Also, there’s the fact that it is under 250 pages which really had this big appeal to me. As you all know from reading my blog, […]

Like A River Glorious by Rae Carson | Book Review

Like A River Glorious by Rae Carson is the second in Carson’s Gold Seer trilogy, and okay I am 100% treating this book like a middle child. You see, I read it back in September 2016 and now here were are typing this post in March 2017, with a semi-review posted in September. I mean, how […]

Ask Me How I Got Here by Christine Heppermann | Book Review

Ask Me How I Got Here by Christine Heppermann is totally a book I read because I wanted to accomplish my lowered 2016 Goodreads Challenge a bit faster. I mean, it’s a book that is written in verse about an interesting, sort of taboo subject. While Poisoned Apples went over my head, I found this book to […]