Two Thrilling Audiobooks For Augtober

I love that the new trend is to think of August as Augtober — to validate how much many of us want it to be fall. I know a lot of you absolutely love summer and being hot. However, I am not one of those people. Give me pumpkins and spooky season asap. If you […]

The Suite Spot by Trish Doller | Book Review

At this point, I consider myself a Trish Doller megafan. I love her shift into adult romance. Of course, if Doller decided to write more young adult books, I would not complain. The Suite Spot is Doller’s latest and features Anna from Float Plan‘s sister Rachel. The Suite Spot was like a warm blanket and a hot cup […]

5 Realistic Young Adult Books

Although I love my young adult stories with a side of magic and fantasy — sometimes I am down for a realistic story. The following five young adult books contain realistic stories and were especially captivating reads. I truly enjoyed the characterization, settings, and even romances featured within these books. Give them a chance — […]

The Santa Suit by Mary Kay Andrews | Book Review

So, it turns out that Mary Kay Andrews writing really resonates with me. The Santa Suit was such a pleasure to read. I tore right through it. And now I have this whole backlist to check out — particularly with holiday themed reads. Love that for me. The Santa Suit follows Ivy Perkins who is a […]

The Orphan Witch by Paige Crutcher | DNF Review

What’s The Story Here? The Orphan Witch by Paige Crutcher is about a young woman named Persephone May. Abandoned at six weeks old, Persephone has always felt lonely. She drifts from job to job. Persephone doesn’t feel close bonds with anyone. That’s because when she cares about someone or makes too much eye contact, strange […]

Make Up Break Up by Lily Menon | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To Make Up Break Up by Lily Menon? Make Up Break Up by Lily Menon hit my radar because as you know Lily Menon is Sandhya Menon. So, this book is her debut into adult contemporary romance. And well, I have read all of Menon’s young adult books so far and […]