5 Realistic Young Adult Books

Although I love my young adult stories with a side of magic and fantasy — sometimes I am down for a realistic story. The following five young adult books contain realistic stories and were especially captivating reads. I truly enjoyed the characterization, settings, and even romances featured within these books. Give them a chance — […]

Jessica Darling’s It List #1 | Megan McCafferty | Book Review

It thrills me to no end that middle school girls are going to get to grow up with Jessica Darling. Somehow, this gives me optimism for the future. Like many of you, I did not read the Jessica Darling books until high school — well, for me, the were published in high school and I […]

Allison: Sloppy Firsts | Megan McCafferty | Book Review

Oh, Sloppy Firsts, where were you hiding when I was younger? Admittedly, I had never heard of this series or the author, Megan McCafferty, before I started book blogging. How? I honestly am not sure. Especially since it is one of the books that nearly everyone (certain people in particular) were hyping up, and pushing […]

Who Is Marcus Flutie?

Disclaimer: I actually LOVE Richelle Mead’s books and totally know who Marcus Finch is because I am audio-ing The Indigo Spell as we speak. Let’s be real. The only Marcus F. that matters is Marcus Flutie.  He entered the picture way before this usurper of the MF initials and will forever be the only MF […]

Book Review: Bumped by Megan McCafferty

The other day as I sat in the dentist chair while getting my teeth prodded with a sharp metal rod, a commercial for Teen Mom 2 came on the tv. I go to a fancy dentist, with HD TVs in all of the examining rooms. It’s awesome. Anyways, while watching that commercial, I thought oh […]

Retro Friday Review: Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty

Retro Friday Reviews is a meme hosted by Angie of Angieville. Basically, you spotlight older titles. If Jessica Darling was a real life person, she would be three years older than me. If she had gone to my school, she would have been someone I looked up to, I am sure. Sloppy Firsts by Megan […]