Warcross by Marie Lu | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To Warcross by Marie Lu? I actually have never read a Marie Lu book, prior to Warcross, that is. Granted, I have been to a signing with Marie Lu for Legend. Still, how have I gone so long without reading her books? Warcross basically hit my radar with its gorgeous, colorful cover! Then it […]

Allison: The Obsidian Blade | Pete Hautman | Book Review

From time to time you randomly pick a book out from your to-be-read pile because you’re looking for something a little different from what you’ve read recently. Sometimes this is a good thing as you find yourself unexpectedly falling in love with a new book. Unfortunately, this isn’t how it always works out, and sadly […]

Allison: Shades of Earth | Beth Revis | Book Review

If I’m completely honest with myself, Shades of Earth was my least favorite book of the Across the Universe trilogy. It wasn’t bad by any means. I mean, Beth Revis is still as incredible as ever! Things just didn’t work out in a manner that was pleasing for me as a reader. Warning: There will […]

Allison: A Million Suns | Beth Revis | Book Review

When I read Across The Universe by Beth Revis over a year ago, I absolutely LOVED it. The proof of this can be found here in my review. Unfortunately, it took me a little bit of time to get around to reading the second book in the series, A Million Suns. But after a brief […]

Unraveling | Elizabeth Norris | Book Review

I am not sure why I kept putting off reading Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris, perhaps it was the cover as I am not entirely in love with it. Or maybe it was the length - Unraveling is very long and as many say – so many books so little time. Yet, when I started Unraveling I found myself […]

The Lost Code Kevin Emerson Book Review

When Owen Parker is chosen to become one of the campers at Camp Eden, he feels as though he has won the lottery. You see, environmental disasters have ravaged the climate. Owen lives in Yellowstone, underground, because the sun and radiation are very dangerous to humans. Camp Eden is located in one of the corporate […]