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If I’m completely honest with myself, Shades of Earth was my least favorite book of the Across the Universe trilogy. It wasn’t bad by any means. I mean, Beth Revis is still as incredible as ever! Things just didn’t work out in a manner that was pleasing for me as a reader.

Warning: There will be spoilers ahead for Shades of Earth.

Do not continue this review if you do not want to be spoiled.

In Shades of Earth, the chaos has official reached level 100 or so. You can’t really rate the level of chaos because it is that high. Things are out of control, and there really isn’t a safe place to run to. Especially now that the members of Godspell have left their ship. They are in completely uncharted territory and the danger level is filled to the brink.

On one level, I loved the danger and the intrigue of the chaos. It allowed things to be questioned and loyalties to be tested. As has been standard for the entire series, Amy and Elder feel themselves being pulled in completely separate directions and are struggling to find middle ground. Their feelings towards each other and their attachment are pushed further then it has ever known. I admittedly enjoyed this because it allowed them to still grow and change.

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What didn’t I like about the chaos? I didn’t like the separation between Amy’s people (the Humans) and Elder’s people (Godspell residents). I understood what Beth Revis was trying to do but at the same time it almost felt a little over bearing to me. Especially when it came to Amy’s father. I understand the whole military mindset and him feeling like he had to protect the people around him but I hate how he would not listen to Amy, and how he treated her as if she didn’t have a brain of her own. I also hated how Amy became when she was around him like she didn’t know who she was anymore. DROVE ME NUTS!

Also, this isn’t a book for the weak at heart. Shades of Earth is filled with danger and some of those who encounter the danger do not make it out alive. And these scenes are not simple “pass me by” scenes in which a character dies, they are intense and descriptive and real. Some of them made my stomach turn. So kudos to Beth Revis for having that ability (and for being such a beautiful creative writer) but seriously, this material is not for the weak at heart.

Overall, the Across the Universe trilogy gave me a chance to delve into something I normally would have never given a second look. Now I find myself picking up more science fiction books and wanting to read them. I’m not sure anything will ever add up to the moment I first picked up Across the Universe but I’m still excited to find more and give them a try!

Disclosure: I own a copy of this book.

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  1. My goodness, there seem to be a number of conflicting feelings about this book — not only yours, but other reviewers’ as well. Thanks very much for the insightful review! 🙂

  2. Okay, since you included the spoiler warning, I skipped your thoughts, Allison. BUT I have to admit that 1) this is one of my favorite series and 2) Beth Revis is a NC author which is ALWAYS a plus in my book. I try to pump my people up!

    I absolutely loved the first book – loved the second book even more – but I’m PETRIFIED of the third book! I have this series finale fear that just will not go away. I hate to put the story down and put the characters away, and I read somewhere that this story has a BIG twist in it that some readers aren’t really liking. Now, I love Beth Revis so I can’t imagine not loving everything she does, but I still have that fear. I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW that I’ll eventually get to it, but I’m gonna have to work my way thru my finale fear to get to it.

    This finale fear is ridiculous, you know that? It’s just dumb! I’m sure this is a great review, but I just don’t want to spoil myself, particularly since it is a finale!

  3. Can you tell I’m behind in my commenting?

    Hmmm, I think I actually liked the separation between the two groups. It felt very natural to me that the ship-born would not appreciate the others taking over. However, I was not thrilled about the very end. It felt gimmicky and if you’re going to kill off a character, you should really do it. Grrrrr.