Allison: Shades of Earth | Beth Revis | Book Review

If I’m completely honest with myself, Shades of Earth was my least favorite book of the Across the Universe trilogy. It wasn’t bad by any means. I mean, Beth Revis is still as incredible as ever! Things just didn’t work out in a manner that was pleasing for me as a reader. Warning: There will […]

Allison: A Million Suns | Beth Revis | Book Review

When I read Across The Universe by Beth Revis over a year ago, I absolutely LOVED it. The proof of this can be found here in my review. Unfortunately, it took me a little bit of time to get around to reading the second book in the series, A Million Suns. But after a brief […]

Origin Jessica Khoury Book Review

This is an Allison review! When I first picked up my copy of Origin by Jessica Khoury at BEA, I remember being immediately hooked by the premise. The concept of immortality, mixed with romance and a mystery to boot? It pretty much screamed READ ME, especially when you add in the jungle background. But alas, […]

Thirteen Reasons Why Jay Asher Retro Friday Book Review

Retro Friday Book Reviews are hosted by Angieville. Basically you review an out-of-printer, underrated, or older title on Fridays. Pretty much this feature ROCKS. I love reading books that have received a lot of attention. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher published in 2007 still garners reviews in the book blogosphere. I’m not sure what […]

Playground by 50 Cent Audiobook Review

I won’t lie, when I first heard that 50 Cent had a book out about bullying, I was skeptical, thinking why not leave writing to the real authors. But on further consideration, I thought I would give Playground a chance as I enjoy 50 Cent’s music AND I think that there is an audience for Playground.

Book Review: Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

FYI this review of Bloodlines by Richelle Mead contains spoilers for the Vampire Academy series. Read at your own peril. After helping rogue dhampir Rose Hathaway evade justice, Sydney Sage is in serious trouble with the alchemists. Her career is jeopardized, to the point where she may have to go to a re-education center and be brainwashed into […]