Finding Abbey Road | A Study In Charlotte | Stalking Jack The Ripper

Finding Abbey Road by Kevin Emerson is the final book of the Exile series. Straight up, this series is kind of awesome if you like contemporary books where music and bands and secrets play a strong role. I listened to the first two books via audiobook. They are superbly narrated by Emma Galvin. However, the last […]

Encore To An Empty Room by Kevin Emerson | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To This Book? YOU GUYS! Last year the surprise hitter for me was Exile by Kevin Emerson. I mean, I like books about bands, but I was just not that into his Atlantis books so I was kind of skeptical. Long story short, I fricken LOVED Exile. It was super good and I […]

Exile by Kevin Emerson | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To This Book? Exile by Kevin Emerson is totally a book that appealed to me because of the cover and the subject matter, which is bands and music. I had been approved on Edelweiss, then the ARC showed up in the mail. Then the cheery yellow cover started calling to me, […]

The Lost Code Kevin Emerson Book Review

When Owen Parker is chosen to become one of the campers at Camp Eden, he feels as though he has won the lottery. You see, environmental disasters have ravaged the climate. Owen lives in Yellowstone, underground, because the sun and radiation are very dangerous to humans. Camp Eden is located in one of the corporate […]