The Hero Of Ages by Brandon Sanderson Book Review

All of my questions about the ashmounts, Lord Ruler, why the ecosystem and sun are messed up are finally answered in this stunning conclusion to the Mistborn trilogy, The Hero Of The Ages.

The Well Of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson | Book Review

Warning: Minor spoilers for Mistborn, but nothing you couldn’t figure out on your own if you had more than two brain cells to rub together. The Well Of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson is the second book in the Mistborn trilogy. You can catch up on what happened in the first book, Mistborn by clicking here. […]

A Sense Of Wonder Is A Prerequisite For Reading This Book

Down The Mysterly River by Bill Willingham opens with intrepid boy detective Max ‘the Wolf’ awakening in the woods with no memory of how he got there. As he is in boy scout uniform, Max assumes he got lost on a scouting trip. He must reexamine this theory when he happens upon some talking animals […]

Leave All Your Metal Behind

If I was to take a look at my outfit, I’ve got a metal bracelet on, a zipper, and metal bra hooks, this means that if I was a character living in the Territory in Steven Gould’s 7th Sigma. The territory is basically the Southwestern US. It is infested by these dangerous metal eating bugs […]

Review of Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Sometimes, I just crave a good epic fantasy. I mean, world building and magics, and loads of characters, good guys, bad guys, I just eat that shit up. Of course, it took one of my friends becoming a fan of Brandon Sanderson on Facebook for me to actually pick up and read my copy of Mistborn: The Final […]