Allison: Dark Companion | Marta Acosta | Book Review

Dark Companion by Marta Acosta had so much potential to be a great modern day YA Gothic novel but unfortunately it fell very flat for me. Honestly, I spent half of my time reading it trying to decode it. Why? Because I just simply couldn’t understand it, and once I was finally able to some-what […]

The Rithmatist | Brandon Sanderson | Book Review

I am forever and always a fangirl of Brandon Sanderson. There are very, very few of his books that I have not read yet, not including the Wheel of Time books that he wrote when taking over for the deceased Robert Jordan. You guys, this dude, this writer has an AMAZING imagination. He builds these […]

The Battle Of Blood And Ink Jared Axelrod Steve Walker Book Review

The Battle Of Blood And Ink by Jared Axelrod and Steve Walker is a steampunk graphic novel that takes place on a floating city called Amperstam and is an interesting read to pass the day away with. The Battle Of Blood And Ink explores the freedom of press and the risks of  telling the truth […]

Daughter Of The Forest Juliet Marillier Retro Friday Review

Retro Friday Reviews are hosted by Angieville and is an awesome meme/feature where you review an older or under the radar book on Fridays. Today ALLISON is reviewing Daughter Of The Forest by Juliet Marillier! Have you ever read a book, and wondered how you had never heard of it before reading it?  That’s exactly […]

Waxillium Ladrian: Fully Licensed Bad Ass

Brandon Sanderson is totally a fist pump author, meaning I can’t read one of his books without fist pumping a little, especially if allomancy is involved. I love when authors revisit universes they have created. The Alloy Of Law, Sanderson’s latest, returns to the world and magic system of allomancy imagined in the Mistborn trilogy, only it’s about 300 […]

The Hero Of Ages by Brandon Sanderson Book Review

All of my questions about the ashmounts, Lord Ruler, why the ecosystem and sun are messed up are finally answered in this stunning conclusion to the Mistborn trilogy, The Hero Of The Ages.