Allison: The Turning | Francine Prose | Book Review

Ugh. You know what one of the worst feelings for me is? When I read a book and I’m honestly not quite sure what I just read. I mean, I like being confused, and feeling like I’m being pulled in twenty different directions without knowing which one is the right one and there is excitement […]

Allison: Dark Companion | Marta Acosta | Book Review

Dark Companion by Marta Acosta had so much potential to be a great modern day YA Gothic novel but unfortunately it fell very flat for me. Honestly, I spent half of my time reading it trying to decode it. Why? Because I just simply couldn’t understand it, and once I was finally able to some-what […]

Dark Companion Marta Acosta Book Review

Marta Acosta’s young adult debut Dark Companion certainly has an interesting concept for the plot to be built around.  Jane Williams, a foster kid living in the ghetto of Helmsdale, is offered the chance of a lifetime – a full ride scholarship and living allowance at the Birch Grove school, a posh private academy for […]