Allison: Touching The Surface | Kimberly Sabatini | Book Review And Giveaway

The first time I met Kimberly Sabatini, I was attending a Hudson Valley YA Society event at Oblong Books with April. I honestly cannot remember which event it was or who approached who first but I do remember her sharing that she was from the Hudson Valley area and that she was going to be […]

Velveteen by Daniel Marks Book Review

It’s unfortunate that Daniel Marks’ YA debut Velveteen didn’t get quite the attention it deserved when it first came out. Velveteen takes a walk on the macabre side and feels quite unprecedented in the YA market. It mashes up horror with paranormal, as the machinations of the residents of Purgatory are explored in this novel. While I […]

Colin Fischer Ashley Edward Miller and Zach Stentz Audiobook Review

I love those moments when I’m like hmmm, I have this audiobook for review and it’s about four hours long and I have at least two hours of driving, if not more in my day, might as well give it a whirl AND the audiobook turns out to be incredibly enjoyable. Y’all, over the course […]

Under The Never Sky Veronica Rossi Book Review

ERMAGHERD! How have I not read Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi until now? You guys this BOOK IS TOO LEGIT TO QUIT. For reals, I pretty much want to take my early 2012 self and kick her in the behind for waiting so freaking long to read Under The Never Sky. Oh my god. I […]

Falling Kingdoms Morgan Rhodes Book Review

WhenI first saw the cover of Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes, I got immediately excited, because it contains things that I love — a bird, a castle, a hooded figure and awwww yeah DAGGERS! I was so pumped up because I absolutely love a good high fantasy story and with the whole Game Of Thrones popularity, […]

Black City Elizabeth Richards Book Review

Just because everyone else is all fatigued by vampires and dystopian fiction does not mean that I am. And y’all, I was freakin EXCITED about reading Black City by debut author Elizabeth Richards, because it has both of these things! Unfortunately, despite my OMGANTICIPATION feelings, I did not fall madly in love with Black City, however, I […]