Venom by Fiona Paul Book Review

Y’all, Venom by Fiona Paul was a book that I unabashedly loved. Look, I’ve seen some negative reviews and you can judge the hell out of me, but I freakin am not ashamed of my LOVE for Venom.

The Innocents Lili Peloquin Book Review

In good consciousness I have a tough time recommending The Innocents. I imagine that there are people out there who will like it, and heck a few of my friends enjoyed it.

Blackwood by Gwenda Bond Book Review

Being a complete and total history nerd, I was that kid in class who would totally sit up straight and pay attention during the interesting things like The Salem Witch Trials, the Inquisition, and yes, the whole Roanoke mystery. Which okay, basically what happened is, these very early settlers were chilling out on Roanoke Island […]

Meant To Be by Lauren Morrill Book Review

It’s really hard for me to begin to write a review of a book that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Like, how do I perfectly convey the flaily arms, shouty voice feeling I got after reading Meant To Be by Lauren Morrill. Y’all, I totally ate this book up. Like, whenever I had a spare moment I would crack open my […]

Skylark Meagan Spooner Book Review

What is it about domes that I find SO appealing? Seriously, you guys, set a book in a dome and maybe have some people escape, and I am SO there, and I say that with the caveat that I was not entirely in love with The Simpsons Movie which also takes place in a dome, so […]

Incarnate Jodi Meadows Book Review

Reincarnation is such a cool concept and belief. I remember sitting up and paying attention in Global class when we were learning about karma and dharma and reincarnation, so when a book has strong themes pertaining to reincarnation, I pay attention to that book. Y’all, I feel a little late to the Incarnate by Jodi Meadows […]