The Art Of Lainey by Paula Stokes | Book Review

You know how you read a book and you can feel summer all wrapped up in it and then you close it and sigh and think to yourself, why yes, this was a perfect representation of a season and I love it and want all my friends to read it because it is my new […]

Starling by Fiona Paul | Book Review

I feel like busting into song, more specifically that So Hard To Say Goodbye song by Boys II Men. Seeing as how most of you who read this are around my age, I know that you will know the song and the lyrics and how it totally speaks truth to power. And right now, that […]

Belladonna | Fiona Paul | Book Review

Friends, I wrote in my review of Venom that I was chomping at the bit for Belladonna, book two in Fiona Paul’s The Secrets Of The Eternal Rose series. I must have some kind of good karma in the bank because I got lucky enough to receive an early copy. I will be frank with you and […]

Allison: Venom | Fiona Paul | Book Review

From the moment I first heard about Venom by Fiona Paul, I had a feeling I would like it. The premise seemed to carry all the things that I find attractive in a book: a strong main female character, a bit of intrigue and mystery, a foreign historical location. Oh, and of course, a cute […]

Venom by Fiona Paul Book Review

Y’all, Venom by Fiona Paul was a book that I unabashedly loved. Look, I’ve seen some negative reviews and you can judge the hell out of me, but I freakin am not ashamed of my LOVE for Venom.