Paper Towns by John Green | Book Review

Do you have the habit of hanging on to a book by an author that you love because there is not a new book on the horizon and you just want one book by that author to read in a tight spot? For me – that book was Paper Towns by John Green. I have […]

Allison: Will Grayson, Will Grayson | John Green and David Levithan | Book Review

I had high hopes for Will Grayson, Will Grayson because I had heard so many good things about it. Going into it I knew that it was a combined product of two powerhouse authors, John Green and David Levithan. The first I had read something from but the second I had only heard speak about […]

The Fault in Our Stars Book Review + Giveaway

Hey everyone This is an Allison review! I had the privilege of attending the children’s author breakfast at BEA this year where John Green was one of the featured speakers but, I’ll admit that up to that point, I had no real idea who John Green was or what he wrote. I had heard his […]

The Fault In Our Stars John Green Audiobook Review

When people call YA trite, shallow and mediocre, I think I will hand them The Fault In Our Stars by John Green as it is one of the best young adult offerings. The Fault In Our Stars is filled with meaning, deeper themes and a sense of personal investment. As a reader, I was deeply invested in […]

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green Book Review

Colin has dated 19 girls named Katherine and been dumped by all of them, hence John Green’s title An Abundance of Katherines. Relationships, Colin believes, can be measured by a mathematical equation based on how much a person is a dumper or a dumpee.

Review of Looking For Alaska by John Green

As a YA fan I feel a bit ashamed that I have never read any John Green before. As I have 3 copies of Looking For Alaska kicking around my humble abode, I thought it might be prudent to read this Printz award winner, so I can have some street cred as a YA fan. […]