The Afterlife Of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand | Book Review

I love when authors add a new spin to classic stories. Of course, the ultimate holiday classic A Christmas Carol receives the YA treatment in The Afterlife Of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand. I have held off on reading this book – saving it for a particular holiday season. Hand is one of my favorite young adult […]

The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand | Book Review

Are you in the market for a gut wrenching read? You need to get a copy of The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand. Reader friends, this book absolutely gutted me. Granted, that is something that I would expect based upon the subject matter. Still, although I had expected the emotions, it did not […]

Boundless by Cynthia Hand Book Review

Wahhhh, I AM SO FILLED WITH EMOTIONS after finishing Boundless, the last book of the Unearthly trilogy. Also? Is it just me or is 2013 the year that all of the trilogies are ending? Lucky for me, I had awesome friends like Jen and Heidi to discuss how Cynthia Hand had us like puppets on strings while reading. […]

Hallowed Cynthia Hand Book Review

Warning: Contains Spoilers For Unearthly. Enter at your own peril aka don’t be stupid. I’m not sure why I get nervous before reading a Cynthia Hand book. I was stupidly apprehensive about committing to Hallowed because it’s 400 pages, even though I was out of my mind excited. Y’all need to put me in a dunce […]

UNEARTHLY To Become A TV Show Maybe, YA Spooktacular, And Some Winners

YOU GUYS! I have much to share with you in this spur of the moment post. FIRST, I just heard the most awesome rumor, confirmed by THE INTERNET that Unearthly by Cynthia Hand is in DEVELOPMENT by Carol Mendelsohn Productions for the CW. Yeah that same channel that does Vampire Diaries and the Secret Circle. THAT […]

Peek A Cover: Hallowed by Cynthia Hand

Peek A Cover: Hallowed by Cynthia Hand Raise your hand if you were a huge fan of Unearthly by Cynthia Hand, featuring ANGELS WHO DON’T SUCK! Yes? WELL, friends, I was creeping on the Harper Collins Children’s Winter Catalog today and found the cover of Hallowed, book two of Unearthly. Here it is in all […]