In 2018, I Hereby Resolve To:

1. Get Back Into My Pre-Baby Clothes. Okay I know you are probably thinking oh no body shaming! And that’s legitimately not it or my intent in my goal. Here’s the thing, pre-pregnancy I purchased some really adorable skirts from Nordstrom Rack — like the May before I got pregnant over the summer. Then during […]

Top 5 Superheroes | Renegades Blog Tour

Hello reader friends! How are you all doing today? Myself, I am still in the trenches of reading├é┬áRenegades which is Marissa Meyer’s latest book. As it turns out, that book is WAY longer than it looks. It is excellent so far though – except for the very beginning first chapter but I am just a […]

In 2017, I Hereby Resolve To:

1. Read four short stories per week and review them. I really do enjoy short stories and I have quite a few anthologies within my Netgalley and Edelweiss shelves. If I give myself the space to read four per week instead of one a day, I think I will be more motivated to actually read […]

The Best Gift For Busy Readers

I feel like it is SO hard to buy avid readers a bookish gift for Christmas. In looking squarely at myself as an example, I have SO many books that chances are if someone buys me a book, I already have it. I also am quite fickle with what I read, so if someone buys […]

Fill Your Kindle Deals | All Treats No Tricks

I feel like you aren’t too old to go virtual trick or treating. Friends, it looks like Amazon has an abundance of books on sale. I am so pumped to see Illuminae, Grave Mercy and Every Thing, Every Thing on sale. I mean, these are all excellent books. Also, there’s vintage Victoria Schwab with The […]

Fill Your Kindle | June 2016 Edition

Hello Reader Friends! What a few weeks it has been. I can’t even parse out the correct adjective right now. In my personal life, I have had a few wins and a loss, too. I’ve paid down my credit card and now have no consumer debt. All I owe is student loans. So, to me, […]