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Wahhhh, I AM SO FILLED WITH EMOTIONS after finishing Boundless, the last book of the Unearthly trilogy. Also? Is it just me or is 2013 the year that all of the trilogies are ending? Lucky for me, I had awesome friends like Jen and Heidi to discuss how Cynthia Hand had us like puppets on strings while reading. For real, my feelings have been worked over, not that I am complaining. I am not. In fact, I freakin’ loved every minute of Boundless and am definitely going to crack open Radiant any day now. Seriously, everything I could want in an ending pretty much shows up in Boundless, and I actually do not mind at all how the triangle of love resolved itself — probably because it went in my favor ha ha. SO you guys, here’s how I reacted to this book: ugly cries, text messages of doom, and one big heart flutter. ALSO, I did say a couple ‘no don’t do thats’ to Jeffrey and Angela.

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Boundless basically starts off after the novella Radiant, so I did spend a good part of it confused and wondering what exactly happened in Italy and what Jeffrey’s deal is. Anyways, Clara and Angela and Christian all head off to Stanford for college and to complete their purposes. AND OMG YOU GUYS! Can New Adult books be written like this? For real, their college experience includes dating, the annoying kid in class who doesn’t shut up and always has to argue with the professor, frat parties, and them actually going to classes. AND ROOMMATES! I loved this and the entire time I was like OH MY GOD MORE OF THIS PLEASE. So, back to what we were talking about. Okay, so pretty much Tucker is still in Wyoming working on the farm trying to clear his mind of Clara, only hahaha she keeps popping up in his life. Plus, there’s the Black Wings who totally want to do bad things to the Triplares. ONLY Samjeeza is kind of acting out of character. And that’s Boundless in a nutshell without any real spoilers. Trust, you do not want to be spoiled with this one.

Clara is still an awesome friend to Angela and a great sister to Jeffrey even though those are the two ‘mess everything up’ characters — you know the ones who are so freakin’ stubborn that it comes back to bite everyone in the ass. Yeah, that’s what they are. ANYWAYS. So, I love that even though Clara still has feelings for Tucker, she does not spend the entire book moping. Instead, she deals with it like a grown up. PLUS! PLUS! She gets to learn how to use this new weapon because of the best instructor ever and goes up a notch in my estimation. Like, I just like Clara because she’s a good person who tries hard, even when she’s got a lot of responsibilities on her plate.

SO. The romance. LOL you guys. There is one character who manages to be a cockblock even though he isn’t there for the vast majority of the book. So, okay I am writing this review assuming you’ve read Unearthly and Hallowed because if you haven’t, then WHY are you reading a review of book three? SO, now that we are all on the same page, basically now that Christian is in Stanford with Clara, he’s trying to put the moves on her. ONLY Clara is still hung up on Tucker, and so it’s like a total cockblock for Christian, because he can read her mind and all. BUT NEVER FEAR YOU GUYS. Of course there’s still kissing and romance and moments when you just hug the book with a sigh, just like the previous two books.

I need to warn you right now, get Kleenex for chapter 18. It’s a real tearjerker in the very best possible way. And put your swoon boots on for chapter 21 and okay, more Kleenex. Oh man. SO MANY FEELS, I just want to give you warnings for every single chapter, but instead I’ll leave those two warnings so you will be pumped right up and ready for the glass case of emotions. I think that this whole book was quite the experience and while I did leave feeling kind of drained (also sobbing does that to me), I also left Boundless feeling buoyed and satisfied with the conclusion. I was thrilled by how it played out. ALSO. I guess if you’re reading this review and you have not read the Unearthly trilogy yet, you need to get on it. It has heart, it has beautiful writing, it has wonderful characters. Seriously, I am in love with these books and think you should start an affair with them too.

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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.
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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. I have yet to read any of the books in this series – but it just looks SO great.

  2. I adored Boundless I am still torn on the ending though to be honest. It wrapped up nicely but I am kind of upset about you know who’s abrupt ending… I hate giving spoilers but you know what I mean. And yes I did cry my eyes out. Gah it was bittersweet for sure. Great review April.

  3. Yes. SO much yes. You know how I feel about this. LOVEloveloveloveLOVE.

  4. Every time I think about this book I want to burst into tears. SUCH a perfect conclusion to a wonderful series. BUT there was one thing that gave me the sads about the ending *SPOILERS PEOPLE* the fact that Christian was like left out. Like ooooh we are all one big happy family around the dinner table and Christian is off somewhere. Wouldn’t a christian novella be amazing to see what he’s up to so he can have a happy ending?? He deserves that!!

  5. Okay, so I have no idea why, but I am not even remotely in the mood to read this. And I really haven’t been. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t love Hallowed. I did really like Unearthly, but there was something about hallowed that rubbed me the wrong way.

    I have been hearing amazing things about Boundless though. Basically, I just want to know what happens in the end. Hmm.

  6. Hah hah, I think this is the first time anyone’s ever referred to that character as a cockblock, but you are totally right! And yeah, get on reading RADIANT–it actually does enhance the overall trilogy, unlike some of those other short stories.

    I’m glad you were happy with how it all ended. So sad it’s over, though.

  7. GODDD I loved this freaking book. And I wrote a review about it, but it disappeared from Blogger so now I want to cry doubly because a) it’s over and b) MY THOUGHTS ARE GONE. But you pretty much summed it up 🙂

  8. Liza @whorublog says

    Wow, what a review. Can’t wait to read this! I’ll be holding my breath when I reach chapter 18. Thanks for the warning. 😀

  9. Oh my god, this review made me laugh so hard! Tucker IS totally a cockblock, and he doesn’t even have to physically be there. That’s got to sting, Christian. I agree with you, I love seeing Clara, Christian & Angela at college, dealing with non Triplare stuff like picking a major and going to parties and getting hazed in their dorm.

    UGH so many emotions! I loved it but I’m SO bummed it’s over. I have no right to complain; I got everything I wanted in the end! I’m just insatiable.

  10. Aw, sucks that you couldn’t read Radiant first! Totally introduces Phen, who turned out to be one of the more intriguing characters of the series (at least imo.)

    I wanted more Tucker in Boundless (shameless Tucker fan from the start over here!), but ultimately I was happy with the way the book ended:)

  11. LOOOOOVED this so much! I had all the same feeling as you. I;m so sad it’s over, but what a fantastic trilogy.

  12. Okay, I’ve been avoiding reviews for Boundless because I don’t want to spoil myself with the love triangle but I have to check. *peeks in* Okay. AH, I’m so glad you liked it!!!

  13. OMG April! I just finished Unearthly and Hallowed like a week or two ago, and I started Boundless last night. EEK!!! I’m only like two chapters in, and I’m already nervous about how this series is going to end. I’m really glad to hear you loved this book and how it ended. Excited to come back and share all the feels with you!

  14. Hello,I’m not going to lie, I didn’t love Hallowed. I did really like Unearthly, but there was something about hallowed that rubbed me the wrong way.