I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You | Ally Carter | Book Review

After reading Also Known As by Robin Benway, I kind of decided that I would read any book ever about teenage girls who happen to be spies, of course, it just might take me awhile to get to those books. The other day when browsing my Kindle, I came across I’d Tell You I Love You, But […]

Uncommon Criminals Ally Carter Audiobook Review

Instead of art, it’s cursed emeralds this time. The whole crew from Heist Society is back in Ally Carter’s Uncommon Criminals. This second book has got more swoon heyyyy Hale, more con jobs and much more jet setting. Katarina Bishop has been drifting from her family and friends, doing big jobs alone. When Kat is […]

Heist Society by Ally Carter Audiobook Review

Katarina Bishop just wants a normal, average life. She has had enough adventure and globetrotting to last her a lifetime