Uncommon Criminals Ally Carter Audiobook Review

Instead of art, it’s cursed emeralds this time. The whole crew from Heist Society is back in Ally Carter’s Uncommon Criminals. This second book has got more swoon heyyyy Hale, more con jobs and much more jet setting.

Uncommon Criminals Ally Carter Book Cover

Uncommon Criminals

Katarina Bishop has been drifting from her family and friends, doing big jobs alone. When Kat is contacted by an old lady named Constance Miller who evokes the name Visily Romani, Kat feels immense pressure to take the job. This is because Constance appeals to the noble side of Kat. However, this is no ordinary heist. It is for the Cleopatra Emerald which carries a curse with it. For a job this big, Kat needs to assemble the gang.

Oh friends, I love Kat Bishop. I love that she is a criminal mastermind, but she also has her limitations and blind spots. I love that she sometimes is only able to focus on a kiss like a normal teenage girl, even though her life is anything but ordinary. Plus! Her family, namely her cousin Gabrielle, are SO awesome. AND YAY MORE OF THE BAGSHAWS, whom I love sooooo much because they are burly and fun.

Sigh, and this is so awful, but I like reading about thievery. These thieves are interesting because they are like Ocean’s 11 burglars, each assigned to different jobs so they are best able to pull off the con. Uncommon Criminals is peppered with all of these different, fascinating stealing methods that the crew uses. I think those were some of my favorite bits — reading about what method they would use or think about using to accomplish the job.

Of course, because I have this obsessive compulsive continuity format reading habit, I listened to the audiobook of Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter. Angela Dawe continues to lend sophistication and authenticity as well as a variety of accents and voices to her narration. I thought that extra touch made this audiobook a wonderful, short listen. It is 6 hours and 47 minutes unabridged and produced by Brilliance Audio.

Disclosure: Received for listening review.

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  1. I like reading about YA thievery when the writing is light and fun as well as when healthy helpings of Hale are included-I love love love him!

  2. I LOVE reading about thieves! Especially these thieves! I love that I never know how they are going to pull it off but they do and in such ingenious ways. I love how they sometimes bring up the names of these different tactics and never explain them. It’s fun to wonder what they might be.

  3. Hmm. I’ve seen heist movies but don’t think I’ve ever read a heist book. Maybe I’ll try this one out, thanks to your glowing review! 😉

  4. I listened to Heist Society and LOVED it. Like seriously loved it. So when I got ready to get to Uncommon Criminals I wanted to listen to the audio too… sadly, our library doesn’t carry it. (shakes fist at library) These characters are absolutely fantastic and definitely made an impression on me. There was something just so refreshing about them, how smart they all are but still teens. This is definitely one of those books that everyone should read!

    • That sucks that your library doesn’t have Uncommon Criminals on audio because it’s great. I love how brilliant the whole gang is and sophisticated too. I never felt talked down to or anything while reading;.

  5. I love Ally Carter’s books – and yes, Kat Bishop is just amazing. I didn’t even know this series was on audio which is pretty much perfect that I read your review today because I’ve been trying to pick out a new audiobook but I’m just so indecisive! But clearly, this needs to be my next pick. and I’m super glad to hear that it’s a good audio version (because I’m picky like that).

    Thanks for sharing, April!

    Brenna from Esther’s Ever After

  6. I loved the characters in this book! And I completely agree, the thievery parts were some of my favorite scenes to read too 😉

    Nice review!

  7. My review of this book is here – http://guy-who-reads.blogspot.com/2012/02/witty-post-title-here.html last review on the page.
    I adore caper/heist novels, and Carter does an EXCELLENT job with the genre. I assume you’ve also read her spy novels? They are also brilliant.

  8. Oh, I actually DNF this book. while I love Hale and Gabrielle, I don’t click with Kat, so I just quit it after the first hit.

  9. Love this series! When is the next book going to be out? I need more Hale ASAP!

  10. So I really loved these books. But I EXTRA CANNOT WAIT for Heist Society 3. Ally Carter’s twitter feed is making me so happy. Titles under consideration include Heist Society 3: the one with lots of kissing.

    And that will make me happy 🙂


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