Angel Of Greenwood by Randi Pink | Book Review

Randi Pink’s debut Angel Of Greenwood is stellar and not like anything I have read this year. After reading this book, I find that I wish there was more noise around it. It feels like not a ton of people have read this and that is a travesty. However, given that historical fiction is not the […]

5 Realistic Young Adult Books

Although I love my young adult stories with a side of magic and fantasy — sometimes I am down for a realistic story. The following five young adult books contain realistic stories and were especially captivating reads. I truly enjoyed the characterization, settings, and even romances featured within these books. Give them a chance — […]

Gilded by Marissa Meyer | Book Review

When it comes to fairy tale retellings, I know that I am in a good place picking up Marissa Meyer’s books. Gilded is a return to fairy tale retellings for Meyer and I AM HERE FOR IT. I felt like this was such a good book to really sink my teeth into. As I read, I […]

The Forest Of Stolen Girls by June Hur | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To The Forest Of Stolen Girls by June Hur? The Forest Of Stolen Girls by June Hur was a book that I absolutely HAD to read. After all, I thought The Silence Of Bones – Hur’s debut – was excellent. As for why I went for the audiobook version, the reasoning wasn’t […]

The Do-Over by Jennifer Honeybourn | Book Review

I had randomly picked The Do-Over by Jennifer Honeybourn to read off my TBR cart because it was short and I quite liked the bright cover. Previously I had read Honeybourn’s Wesley James Ruined My Life and enjoyed my time with it. So, it seemed reasonable that I would also enjoy my time with this contemporary book. […]

YA Books For People Who Can’t Stick To One Genre

You know me, I just cannot stay with one single genre. I want to read everything and widely and with variety. So, here’s five young adult books I’ve recently read from various genres that you should certainly check out. I think my best childhood summer time memories come from going to camp. That’s why I […]