Frostbite: The Graphic Novel by Richelle Mead | Book Review

Frostbite: The Graphic Novel by Richelle Mead | Book ReviewFrostbite by Richelle Mead
Also by this author: Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound, Last Sacrifice, Bloodlines, Silver Shadows, Vampire Academy, The Ruby Circle, Soundless, The Glittering Court
Series: Vampire Academy: The Graphic Novel #2
Also in this series: Vampire Academy
Published by Penguin on 2012-05-24
Genres: Comics & Graphic Novels, Young Adult
Pages: 144
Format: Paperback
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The drama and romance continue in this 144-page full-color graphic novel adaptation of the second Vampire Academy novel, Frostbite, which was overseen by Richelle Mead and features beautiful art by acclaimed British illustrator Emma Vieceli.

A Strigoi attack puts St. Vladimir's on high alert, and the Academy whisks its students away on a mandatory Holiday ski trip. But the glittering winter landscape and posh Idaho resort only provide the illusion of safety. When three students run away to strike back at the Strigoi, Rose must join forces with Christian to rescue them. Only this time, Rose - and her heart - are in more danger than she could have imagined.

Why Did I Read This Book?

I picked upFrostbite: The Graphic Novel based on the series by Richelle Mead adapted by Leigh Dragoon illustrated by Emma Vieceli (what a mouthful!) because I had seriously whipped through the first adaptation ofVampire Academy in graphic novel form. Of course, I read this during the Dewey Readathon and it was one of the few books I got through (this was the same day that the Hale firestorm started). I knew that this would be a book I could get through quickly and where I wouldn’t have to concentrate too hard because I already knew the story and what to expect. And well, this book absolutely meets that whole Readathon purpose.

What’s The Story Here?

Frostbite: The Graphic Novel picks up whereVampire Academy leaves off. There are vicious Strigoi attacks picking off royal families and so, instead of everyone going home for winter break, the whole academy and many of the royal moroi end up going to this ski resort. At the resort, Rose meets Adrian. She also has this sort of flirtation with Mason, another dhampir. Also? She still has this huge attraction to Dmitri. Anyways, there’s rumors of the strigoi hanging out in the basement of a mall that is in the vicinity of the ski lodge where everyone is staying. Rose and a few other students decide to investigate. I think I just gave away some spoilers. Oh well. Chances are you aren’t reading this book unless you’ve already read the original VA series and can’t get enough. OH and Rose’s mom makes an appearance.

How Does This Adaptation Compare To The Original?

Well, Adrian is more attractive than I pictured while reading the original Vampire Academy series. I mean, okay he’s better now that I am patiently waiting forThe Ruby Circle. Anyways, this book clearly condenses a lot ofFrostbite. I think that I would have liked more Adrian scenes so that we get a clear picture of the whole love triangle that will eventually occur. If you can’t get enough Vampire Academy, like me, you’ll like this book, if not love it.

How’s The Artwork?

I think I already addressed this in my review of Vampire Academy: The Graphic Novel and will likely repeat myself here, I did not mind the art. I liked Emma Vieceli’s art and adaptation ofFrostbite into graphic form. I like how she illustrated Adrian and Mason. I am not 100% into Dmitri’s illustration. However, it’s nice to be able to better picture characters that I really care about, or you know, to be able to spend time with those characters in a different form. This book is not my favorite of the series, no matter the form, but I can’t really fault this adaptation one bit. I definitely would recommend this if you are a superfan and have a readathon that you want to “win.”

Sum It Up With A GIF:

Basically I just love the change of scenery and all of the snow!

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  1. LOL. I may have to check this out just to see what Adrian looks like. I love the original series and am always afraid of messing with a good thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m honestly tempted to pick this up just to see what Adrian looks like! Ha. I think this was one of my favorite VA books and I’m glad that even if it wasn’t all that amazing, you could still enjoy it. Great review! ๐Ÿ™‚
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