Stacking The Shelves (75) | May 2015 Book Haul

Hey reader friends! It has been literally forever since I’ve filmed a book haul — lots of life things going on but that’s cool because OMG I have a ton of books to talk to you all about! As always, Stacking The Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.

Stacking The Shelves (74) | November 2014 Book Haul

Lately I am just SO lazy about these hauls, so then the books pile up and then the videos get longer and longer! ¬†Things are starting to look a tiny bit better. I’ve got some vacation time scheduled for this month (I am taking the whole week of Thanksgiving off, although I am on call […]

Stacking The Shelves (73) | October 2014 Book Haul

Goodness, it has been such a busy few days. Over the past two weeks I have worked over 90 hours. I have been so anxious about something but hey I am getting through it. I had some not so great news dropped on me, so I had to make a huge life adjustment. I have […]

Stacking The Shelves (72) | Book Haul

Another week of great books and things in my mail. I am actually more excited about the non-books in my mail this week (Keurig 2 and Victoria Secret Sport items). Still, yay! Also! I have read some awesome books this week including Rites Of Passage which omg, you need to put it on your tbr […]

Stacking The Shelves (71) | Book Haul

So, it’s been 21 days since my last book haul and oh my goodness, things have been busy and dramatic and change is in the air as far as life outside of blogging goes. I’ve been reading all kinds of books and kind of hermiting out. It’s been a good month as far as reading […]

Stacking The Shelves (70) | Book Haul

Last weekend I was totally on a roll when it came to reading. This week, not so much. I am hoping that today and tomorrow I will make up for my lack of reading — I ended up watching a full disc of the first season of FRIENDS last night instead of reading my books […]