Audiobook Review Dump Volume 2

I keep moving through audiobooks like the wind. No complaints though — with how busy my life has been lately I love that I am still able to get some reading in via audiobook. Below are four different books that I listened to recently. As usual, I love picking up a variety of books and […]

Allison: The Watch That Ends The Night: Voices from the Titanic | Allan Wolf | Book Review

The Titanic sank into the ocean 101 years ago, and its tragic story has intrigued the world ever since. Actually even during the period in which the Titanic was being built people were intrigued about it due to all of the press buzz, the size of the ship, and the title of “unsinkable ship” even […]

Under The Mesquite by Guadalupe Garcia McCall Book Review

Under The Mesquite by Guadalupe Garcia McCall is a short verse novel, easily readable in two hours, but lingers long after you close the book.

Slam Poetry Sunday

Hello lovelies! As it is National Poetry Month, I thought I’d celebrate by posting a video every Sunday of poetry slamming. Slam poetry is so awesome, and a great gateway to get into poetry. Today’s video is Taylor Mali performing “What Teachers Make” He’s amazing, if you get the chance to see his performances live, […]

Review of Poetry Speaks: Who I Am edited by Elise Paschen

First things first, Happy National Poetry Month! I thought I would kick off my own personal celebration of poetry by reviewing Poetry Speaks: Who I Am. I think poetry is such an amazing outlet for healthy expression. I honestly don’t know where I would be if I was not a member of poetry club in […]