Allison: The Midnight Watch: A Novel of the Titanic and the Californian | David Dyer | Book Review

One of the things that has always fascinated me about Titanic is that fact that so many of the tragic events associated with the ship could have been avoided. I mean, there are so many “if only” type of scenarios that can be brought up when discussing the tragedy. For example, “if only there had […]

Distant Memories: Reflecting on Titanic

Okay, so as many of you know, I’m a huge Titanic fanatic. I love reading stories about the Titanic, fictional and nonfictional, and putting together the pieces of to me what is a timeless tragedy. And this year originally I was going to once again read a book related to the Titanic, and have a […]

Allison: The Watch That Ends The Night: Voices from the Titanic | Allan Wolf | Book Review

The Titanic sank into the ocean 101 years ago, and its tragic story has intrigued the world ever since. Actually even during the period in which the Titanic was being built people were intrigued about it due to all of the press buzz, the size of the ship, and the title of “unsinkable ship” even […]

Allison: Echoes of Titanic | Mindy Starns Clark and John Campbell Clark | Book Review

Last year when I was at BEA, I was just aimlessly walking around when a book that was on display caught my attention. I backtracked a little bit to the booth and picked up the book and read the description on the back. It was called Echoes of Titanic, and it turned out the authors […]