Notes From Ghost Town | Kate Ellison | Book Review

I’ve decided that I am a fan of the books that come out of Paper Lantern Lit. I loved Venom. I loved Meant To Be. So, it stands to reason that I would end up loving Notes From Ghost Town by Kate Ellison. Unfortunately, I thought that the book did not exactly live up to my expectations. There […]

The Rose Throne | Mette Ivie Harrison | Book Review

Oh you guys, sometimes as a reader, I just really need a solid fantasy book to sink my teeth into. I love those long books that have this whole world that basically absorb you. I am a big fan of fantasy royalty as well. There’s something so cool about characters who sit on a throne. […]

Since You Left Me Allen Zadoff Book Review

Dear YA readers, bloggers, contemporary afficionados, HURRY UP and discover Allen Zadoff. Seriously, Zadoff’s books are not buzzed or reviewed enough which makes me feel dismayed. I’m pretty sure a lot of you enjoy witty contemps with awkward, realistic male main characters. If so, you NEED to read Zadoff’s works. His latest, Since You Left Me totally does not disappoint on the humor […]

One Moment Kristina McBride Book Review

Maggie’s summer was supposed to be epic. She’s got the best friends ever, a fantastic boyfriend and is going to be a senior. One Moment by Kristina McBride shows what happens after tragedy strikes Maggie’s life in a poignant, can’t look away, tear through the pages sort of manner. Y’all, I was fairly invested in McBride’s sophomore […]

A & L Do Summer Jan Blazanin Book Review

“This is my first summer in Cottonwood Creek, and our last summer in high school. We’re going to soar from the depths of anonymity to the peak of notoriety. By September, Aspen Parks and Laurel Piedmont will own this town.” p. 17 Growing up in a small country town, I remember all about being a […]

Every Other Day Jennifer Lynn Barnes Book Review

Every Other Day, Kali is human, until dawn hits, then she turns into something OTHER — a hunter with enhanced senses and strengths. You see, the world in Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ Every Other Day is built on an intriguing premise. Instead of discovering giant turtles, Darwin discovers preternatural creatures. The stupid government decides to protect the […]