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Dear YA readers, bloggers, contemporary afficionados, HURRY UP and discover Allen Zadoff. Seriously, Zadoff’s books are not buzzed or reviewed enough which makes me feel dismayed. I’m pretty sure a lot of you enjoy witty contemps with awkward, realistic male main characters. If so, you NEED to read Zadoff’s works. His latest, Since You Left Me totally does not disappoint on the humor front.

Since You Left Me Allen Zadoff Book Cover

Since You Left Me

Since You Left Me probes important issues of faith, divorce, family relationships and long standing crushes. Sanskrit Aaron Zuckerman attends a prestigious LA Jewish school because of money in a trust from his dead grandfather who stipulates he must use the money to attend Jewish schools or it goes to Tay-Sachs research. Sanksrit, however, feelings like a fraud at school because is an unbeliever.

He doesn’t have the typical family background either. Sanksrit’s parents are divorced. He lives with his eccentric new age yoga teacher mother, and little sister named Sweet Caroline, like the song. When Sanksrit’s mom doesn’t show up for a parent-teacher conference, he tells a small lie that soon snowballs and Since You Left Me focuses on the repercussions of that lie.

OMG, you guys, I really liked Sanskrit. Yes, he’s a total teenage boy at times, but he’s got heart and is dealing with a lot. I’m willing to be forgiving of his boyisms. Further, let me tell you, if his mom was my mom, I’d totally be more harsh. This lady, ugh, peeps, I can’t even. She was so immature and selfish and awful. I admired Sanskrit for being able to put up with her issues. Plus he is super funny in that dry, sarcastic sort of way. I loved it. I loved how yeah okay, he doesn’t exactly deal with his problems the right way, but it seemed like the way some people would react.

I pretty much blasted through Since You Left Me in a sitting and a half and I hardly do that these days. If you’re looking for a male protagonist with an excellent and unique and strong voice, definitely read Zadoff’s Since You Left Me. I personally cannot recommend it enough.

Disclosure: Received for review via Netgalley

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  1. I do love a book with a quirky male protagonist – and this sounds really great! You’re right, I have never heard of the author before… but that’s remedied now, thanks to you. Will definitely be checking this one out!

  2. I’ve read about 50 pages of this so far and I’m loving it! I enjoyed Zadoff’s previous work and I think this one might end up being even better.

  3. As a high schooler myself, I find that the most common sense of humor is a sarcastic one, so I’m glad to hear that this novel possesses so much sarcasm. Adults seem to have more and more of it as well…

  4. That’s so good.
    I saw this book around and wondered about it but hadn’t read a review so far. you got me really interested in this book 😀

  5. I MUST read this!! It really sounds like the kind of contemp I adore.

  6. You are always posting about books I’d otherwise never heard about, so thanks for covering such a wide range of books!

    I really like the sound of this, and ugh his mum sounds awful, like so many other YA parents!


  1. […] just having Allen Zadoff’s name on the book is a ringing endorsement. I’ve read two previous books by Zadoff and enjoyed them. I thought they were funny with a touch of crass realism. […]

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