Team Edward or Team Jacob? Who Cares, It’s All DAUNTLESS, BABY!

Yo, my Dauntless peeps are bringing their A-Game. Check out the awesome item we are giving away this week! Many thanks to Yara at Once Upon A Twilight for graciously helping our team out! Hello Dauntless fans! Today we have an incredible giveaway for you. The poster below is  SIGNED by Robert Pattinson and Taylor […]

Insurgent Veronica Roth Book Review

Spoilers For Divergent. Be smart about reading this, yo. Yo, Veronica Roth brings da noise with my most anticipated book of 2012 (tied with Bitterblue and Enshadowed) – Insurgent. Seriously, I need to stop being so nervous over the large size of Roth’s books, because OMG intensity I barely set Insurgent down, only when I was required to […]

A Story Of Factions: As Told By Gifs

Pretty much all morning yesterday I kept checking twitter going: Because it seemed like everyone was getting picked for factions except for me. I felt kind of like this: The I was all: Then my boyfriend called me with some great news. Then I immediately rushed home before my engagement. And when I saw the […]