Who Is Marcus Flutie?

Disclaimer: I actually LOVE Richelle Mead’s books and totally know who Marcus Finch is because I am audio-ing The Indigo Spell as we speak. Let’s be real. The only Marcus F. that matters is Marcus Flutie.  He entered the picture way before this usurper of the MF initials and will forever be the only MF […]

Dude, You TOTALLY Have Time To Read

Y’all, this post has been a long time in the making. Sometimes I am strongly tempted to go off on an epic rant when people do that whole insult disguised as a compliment sort of thing, but then my brain kicks in and is all, HEY GIRL HEY you need to use logic and reason […]

‘Relax, It’s NOT A Competition’

Does book blogging ever feel like a competition to you? Who has the highest page views? Who gets the most books in their mail? Who gets the most comments? Who leaves the most comments? Who has the most twitter followers? Facebook fans? Repins? Y’all, book blogging is exhausting. Especially if you are the slightest bit neurotic […]

Legitimacy, Professionalism And Book Blogging

Last night, I was tossing and turning in bed. My brain was racing with thoughts. Shocker, right? This morning was also full of tossing and turning and thoughts rattling around in my brain. All these thoughts were centered around ALA, conferences and book blogger behavior. And while I realize that I am probably not the […]

“Better grab an umbrella I make it rain”: On Monetization

Book Blogger Taboo? I notice every once in awhile when I hop on the twitters people say monetization like it’s a dirty word. They act like monetization is the most taboo thing a book blogger can participate in and that one should be ashamed of it. I can’t help but laugh derisively at that. I […]

Rafflecopter Gets Results: OR A Brief Analysis Of My Experience With Rafflecopter

after using Rafflecopter I may be pro-extra entries. I know, I know STOP THE MOTHERLOVIN PRESSES.