Allison: Winter Blues

I hate winter time. I mean, I’m alright with it at first. The white snow looks pretty on the ground. The air feels crisp and clean. There is the hint of the coming of the holidays. It is almost kind of magical in a way. But almost as quickly as I am enjoying it, I […]

‘Relax, It’s NOT A Competition’

Does book blogging ever feel like a competition to you? Who has the highest page views? Who gets the most books in their mail? Who gets the most comments? Who leaves the most comments? Who has the most twitter followers? Facebook fans? Repins? Y’all, book blogging is exhausting. Especially if you are the slightest bit neurotic […]

SEO For Book Bloggers: A Guide

I’ve been promising a post on SEO For Book Bloggers for quite a long time now, but haven’t exactly followed up on it until today.This is by no means exhaustive or the end-all, be-all, but should hopefully be a tiny bit helpful. Why do I think I am qualified to write an SEO post?:

Legitimacy, Professionalism And Book Blogging

Last night, I was tossing and turning in bed. My brain was racing with thoughts. Shocker, right? This morning was also full of tossing and turning and thoughts rattling around in my brain. All these thoughts were centered around ALA, conferences and book blogger behavior. And while I realize that I am probably not the […]

Busting The Big Blogger Blues: A Survey And Event

So, I was browsing my google reader when I came across a survey on Smash Attack’s blog for a Busting The Newbie Blues event. The survey was geared at established bloggers, and as a fan of talking about the process of blogging, I had to just click on over and find out what it’s all […]

“Better grab an umbrella I make it rain”: On Monetization

Book Blogger Taboo? I notice every once in awhile when I hop on the twitters people say monetization like it’s a dirty word. They act like monetization is the most taboo thing a book blogger can participate in and that one should be ashamed of it. I can’t help but laugh derisively at that. I […]