Reasons Book Blogging Is Worth It: Readathons

Reasons Book Blogging Is Worth It is a feature we here at Good Books And Good Wine will be examining why, for us,  blogging about books is worth the time, the money, the drama and the frustration. This will be an ongoing series, unique to our blog, at least in the format/way we decide to lay […]

My iPhone Is A Lifesaver

My iPhone is a lifesaver. For real. I am one of those people who is consistently bored and impatient. I have absolutely the worst time focusing on things. Thankfully I have a smart phone and it is gotten me through many a long grocery store line. You see, I have the kindle app on my […]

Gift Ideas: Books For A Christening

You guys! I am kind of a total heathen and so I’d never actual been to a Christening in my life, but knew what one was from watching The Office. I was invited to one being held for my friend’s daughter yesterday. Unfortunately, I was in a bit of a pickle and had no idea what […]

Do Whatever The Fuck You Want

Note: There are cuss words here. I swear like a sailor. So, the other day I was teaching a class on relationship violence for at-risk young adults. We were discussing scenarios and came across one scenario where a girl wore a short skirt despite her boyfriend asking her not to. I will never ever forget […]

Books On Pause

I start books with the best of intentions. Like, when I grab a book to read I usually intend to finish that book, by hook or by crook. You know those people who are masters at deciding when to DNF? I am definitely not one of those people at all. However, I’m not talking about […]

Allison: Winter Blues

I hate winter time. I mean, I’m alright with it at first. The white snow looks pretty on the ground. The air feels crisp and clean. There is the hint of the coming of the holidays. It is almost kind of magical in a way. But almost as quickly as I am enjoying it, I […]