Dude, You TOTALLY Have Time To Read

Y’all, this post has been a long time in the making. Sometimes I am strongly tempted to go off on an epic rant when people do that whole insult disguised as a compliment sort of thing, but then my brain kicks in and is all, HEY GIRL HEY you need to use logic and reason and not fly off the handle. Within the past few weeks, I’ve been on the receiving end of comments where people express amazement and a little bit of condescension that I have SO MUCH TIME OMG SO MUCH TIME to read or I must be a speed reader because of my number of books read last year and my current Goodreads challenge goal.

I totally don’t read this fast:

Baby Reading GIF

I could have raged, but instead, I was like maybe I could use this opportunity to share my genius time management strategies with the rest of the world, because it could be totally helpful for people who just don’t get how organization works. Speaking of which, maybe you could point me in the direction of review organization and motivation tips?

Oh, and sidebar, not all of the GIFs pertain to the topic, but lol, I just really liked them and how they were reading themed.

Surefire Tips For Reading More:

Always Have A Book On Your Person

She Devoured One Book After Another GIF

I’m one of those girls who always has, as Jamie termed, a big ass bag. In that bag I shove in make up, my phone, my wallet, pens, a notebook, my current book and my Kindle just in case I don’t want to read my current book. Y’all, this has been to my advantage SO MANY TIMES. Like seriously, okay maybe it’s embarrassing to whip out a book while you are waiting in line at the grocery store, but if you have a smart phone you can download free reading apps and sneak in some of The Hunger Games while you’re just standing there, instead of complaining about coin purse lady. Β Or maybe you’re trapped at the doctor’s office or trapped at an oil change — books make these appointments so much better. And seriously, I do not know a single person who does not have waiting time in their lives, but I also don’t know anyone with a personal assistant, so there is that.

Daniel Radcliff Reading Harry Potter GIF

Audiobooks Get The Job Done

Look, I know audiobooks take forever to get used to and not everyone takes to them like a fish to water. THAT IS FINE, but honestly if you give up after one book, I’m not entirely convinced you’re giving audios the old college try. Seriously every single one of us has to do boring stupid things like cleaning our living areas unless you have a maid, in which case I’m super jealous. You know what makes cleaning go faster? AUDIOBOOKS. Legit, all you need to do is put one on your phone or music player, borrow it from the library and prepare to turn into one of those people who is obsessive with cleaning. I bet if you get a good audiobook going, your house will end up looking like a Pinterest board.

Or maybe you drive places and certain music turns you into a maniac, not that I know people like that, ahem. Audiobooks can be very calming and can make you slightly forget about the car ahead of you doing 35 in a 55. There are so many good and different audiobooks out there — likely there is an audiobook for every single person who is able to hear, so if you don’t find one that fits you TRY ANOTHER. I know, I know it’s scary to not give up and actually see something through, but I promise YOU CAN DO IT. Plus, your life will be totally enhanced after you fit audiobooks in. I mean, that’s how I am reading classics and non-fiction and doorstoppers these days AND I LOVE IT.

Ignore The Twitters

Cat Reading GIF

UGH YOU GUYS! My biggest weakness is twitter. I swear to god, I get home from work and check the old twitter application and get sucked into a black hole of controversy lurking and link clicking and book envy and funny content retweeting. Maybe your weakness is Pinterest though or lol Facebook. While these are useful tools and super fun, they’re also total time wasters most of the time, like honest to god my life is not entirely improved by lurking people’s controversies and issues. What I try to do is set a time every night where I turn the computer off and throw my phone in do not disturb mode and just read until bed time. It’s a bit amazing how much time goes into social networking and how much I could reduce that time. If you aren’t convinced, I suggest keeping a time log or something so you know where all of your time is going.

Set A Timer

Reading Get Out Of My Room GIF

I actually do this a lot and had mentioned it in my Bout Of Books post where a few people replied saying they hadn’t considered this. Y’all, I would be screwed if I lost my phone because I rely on it for EVERYTHING including the timer. What I try to do every once in awhile is set my timer for like 30 minutes or an hour and do nothing but read in that time frame with no distractions. I actually was shocked once when I read 90ish pages in 30 minutes with zero distractions. I am not a speed reader by any means, but I’m a total magpie and so I found that I can accomplish SO MUCH MORE when my attention is only focused on one thing.

Participate In A Readathon

Matilda Reading GIF

I think my favorite thing ever about blogging besides the people and the events and the drinks are Readathons. I participate in almost every readathon I can because I am a hermit and I’m blessed with weekends off and no children. OH OH and if you are not a blogger, readathons are annual events where communities of book lovers come together and decide to marathon read, some are 24 hours others are week long. These events are quite motivational and a fun way to challenge yourself to drop everything and read. Β A few readathons I like participating in are Bout Of Books and The Dewey 24 Hour Readathon.

As you can see, there’s plenty of ways to fit reading into a busy schedule, it’s just a matter of organizing your time and taking advantage of waiting time and various moments.

Do you have any tips for fitting in reading time? With your busy life and schedule how do you prioritize books? Have you used any of the strategies mentioned above — how do they work for you? I’d really love to see your thoughts in the comments and yo, I’ll totally respond because conversation is kind of the best ever and something I am striving to cultivate.

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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.
About April (Books&Wine)

April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. Yes, Yes and YES! I’m a mom to 4yo twin boys and people ask me how I have time to read. I make time to read! I always have a book with me and my phone with a ebook and a audiobook. If I’m particularly hooked on a book I will even read while lining up for lunch πŸ™‚

    • I like that, reading while waiting in a line. It’s such a great thing to do because it really cuts down on feeling impatient/annoyed. Haha, just reading your comment over about always having a phone with an ebook and an audiobook — I am totally listening to my audiobook as I reply to comments.

  2. Ha, yes! ALL of this. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say that they don’t read because they “don’t have time.” Really, bitch, really? EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of your life is so chock full of meaningful experiences that you can’t find time to finish a single book, even a short one, in a year. I think not.

    When I get a new purse, I think I’m going to need to go the big ass bag route, much as I don’t like them, just because I hate not having a book with me BUT I do have my iPod touch which has books on it, so I’m not completely without recourse.

    For real audiobooks! I mean, I used to hate them so I totally get people that are like UGH NO, but they are so helpful at getting through books that might be boring otherwise, like some classics or nonfiction.

    I love having bookish discussions on Twitter, but sometimes I do it on my reading time, and I need to balance that better.

    Oh man, I don’t think the timer thing would work for me. I find myself zoning out if I try to FORCE myself to concentrate. Also, I would be checking the timer constantly. Well, actually, this would work fine, but only if I was into what I was reading, you know? If I’m bored I slow right the hell down.

    I’ve never done a readathon. Last year it didn’t make sense because I was already pretty much reading with all my free time, so like HOW. But maybe I’ll try the Dewey one this year, though I never find them until I see your first post and I’m like WHOOPS TOO LATE.

    For fitting in books, just a little thing like reading for fifteen minutes in the morning or before bed can make a huge difference. Even slow readers should be able to get through an average book in about a month doing that.

    • LOL bitch, my life is chock full of important life changing moments errryday all day. Hahahaha — this amuses me way too much.

      You know, I actually never used to carry a purse, not even in high school. Not until college. And now I just cannot get enough of big ass purses. BUT I also lol carry my Hobbit bag from BEA around every now and then and sometimes the Keep Calm And Read On one from S&S with Olivia on it. They’re cute and get me compliments. PLUS there’s obviously space for books.

      I hated audiobooks and thought they were pointless for a very long time. Then I grew up and realized heyyy all this opposition to something I haven’t really tried is silly. Time to give it a chance and I did and omg I read SO MUCH MORE NOW. And dude classics and nonfiction are awesome regardless but I do so love listening to them — like I finished listening to Frankenstein yesterday and started Pride And Prejudice via audio today. It is utterly awesome to be like oh yeah I’m reading all these YA/MG books but ALSO I take on grown up pretentious things yeahhh buddy.

      The twitter bookish discussions are fantastic, I will admit, but I also used to be the type that would spend ALL NIGHT on twitter getting into like all of the drama instead of just reading my book, because I am a dramallama like that.

      Awww, I think that maybe the timer thing isn’t for everyone, but it’s also cool to just set aside some time strictly for reading with zero distractions.

      Whooo hoo readathons! You should definitely try out the Dewey Readathon this year, it’s so fun. There’s cheerleaders and everyone posts their stacks and their food and I love it so much. It’s like a giant sleepover party with book blogs.

      Yes, that 15 minutes in the morning is like 20-30 pages and that really adds up. I mean given the average book is like 350 pages, if you’re reading 20 pages in 15 minutes a day — that’s a book ever 17.5 days.

      • Well, if I amused you then mission = accomplished.

        Oh man, what I love about audio is that I can totally listen to pretentious things and brush my shoulders off. I find I’m a lot more open-minded about trying things on audio. Like, books I would never pick up to sit and read, on audio, I’ll be like WHY THE HELL NOT?

        Oh yeah, I have no intention of stopping bookish discussions, but it’s more about keeping that limited, so I can read books and participate in discussions. It’s a cycle.

        Ha, I will try to remember to do so. If you gave me a heads up on Twitter, that wouldn’t hurt, but I know you’re busy, yo. I hope I don’t miss it!

        Truth. It’s so easy.

    • I get this too, I tend to find out about readathons and other online bookish events once people are posting about it on their blog AFTER it’s already happened πŸ™

  3. I am a fast reader. At least I think I am. I read about 100 pages an hour…yes, I timed myself. lol

    I usually read at night when hubby is watching something on tv that I totally hate. I just whip out a book (that I always have on the table next to me) and read while he is watching something I don’t want to see.

    • Hahahaha you are not the only person to time yourself reading, I do it a lot which is weird.

      Oh man, my favorite thing to do is instead of whining at my boyfriend to put on a good show is to grab a book and read when I’m just not that into his TV show. Same things with Sports Center, I just grab my book, put some music on spotify and get ready to ignore.

  4. I once had a group of mother’s corner me to “discuss” with me that they didn’t feel I was being a good Mom because I read 100 books per yr. That I wasn’t actually caring for him. Hurt is the only word that came to mind. I read before bed. I don’t spend my whole day on FB and I listen to audiobooks when I clean and when I walk into town {I walk everywhere}. Stupid Mom’s.

    I give myself a bedtime. A time when I need to be in bed and I can then read for as long as I want. Sometimes it is only a few pgs and others it is a full book. When I started listening to the HP audiobooks I for reals deep cleaned my house from top to bottom, then I started making food from scratch, just so I could listen to more! I actually can’t do the dishes without an audiobook. It is painful.

    I do a lot of re-reading. I know that’s not cool or whatever when there are so many new books to review. But, that is how I keep myself from going into a rut. I pull out my favorites and get into them all over again. I’m always surprised how fast I read them. I’m just glued to them right away.

    There is always time to read. I hate it when people put me down because I seem to be the only mother without a million things to do. Well, I just use my time differently. I choose to read.

    • I CANNOT believe the things mothers will say to other mothers. Seriously! I don’t have kids and it drives me crazy.

      Ditto the rereading. When I just want to get lost in a book for an hour why shouldn’t I reach for something I KNOW will do the trick vs a new book that might be great might be terrible.

      • It horrifies me how rude some people can be without a thought as to why it might not be okay to treat others that way.

        I am loving the pro re-reading sentiment here in the comments, because seriously those tried and true books almost ALWAYS do the trick for me

        Thanks for stopping by, Brandyn.

    • Jeepers, that is utterly rude and uncool. Like, how does she know that you aren’t you know, reading to your son? Or how does she know that you aren’t reading instead of watching whatever television show your child is watching, etc? That is so awful. And yeah, lol facebook, there are some people who post so much on there that I’m not surprised they don’t have time.

      Walking is so awesome! My coblogger walks to her work and I think she’s started listening to audiobooks on her walk.

      You and me both, re: dishes and audiobooks. My main chore is doing dishes and I absolutely cannot do them without an audiobook going, it’s the worst but when there’s an audio, you bet those dishes are sparkling.

      Are you kidding me? I LOVE RE-READING! Granted, lately all of my re-reading is done via audio, but seriously it is a great way to stay out of a rut.

      I’m so sorry people are insulting towards you about how you spend your time. Just tell them off. Or you know, when your kid becomes a reader and gets a full ride scholarship because they pick up on your reading habits, hold your head up high about how you spent your time.

      • My kid freakin’ loves books and the library. We read several times per day. We don’t have the TV on all and he is WAY better in public. Totes to me. I wanted to smack those Mom’s in the face.

        Re-reading is the shit.

    • I will totally help say rude, literary things to those moms. If they didn’t have kids, I’d totally throw their butts into a Hunger Games type arena…

    • Well, they’d LOVE me because I have 2 kids and read over 200 books last year! lol

    • That is DISGUSTING Mary, and the only reason these “Mothers” if you can even call them that themselves if they are being such judgemental bitches, they’re just jealous because they don’t have it together enough to be able to have little luxuries like time to yourself. They probably have out of control children that need to have constant attention.

      Just know that judgemental people like this are just insecure about themselves, so they try to make others feel bad, but don’t let them, don’t even think about them, their nothing but a waste of time.

  5. Oh my gosh, I hate when people say they don’t have time to read in that tone. Like their lives are so full, and mine is not. Blah!

    Those are great tips! I love the idea of a timer. I do that to a lesser extent sometimes. Last night, for example, it was a little after nine, and I said to myself “okay, I will read until ten” and that is pretty motivational for me. But ti actually use a timer is such a great idea. I definitely need to try that out.

    And heck yeah to the audiobooks! It’s how I get so much more reading in, and also how I read books that might not be my normal cup of tea.

    Awesome post!

    • Obviously your life is not as full because you read books instead of, I don’t know, basketweaving? Ha ha. Oh my god, I get that from someone very close to me and I’m like right, because nothing good has ever come out of blog. Nope.

      The timer thing is super fun because when I have it going, I know that if I check twitter that’s going to be less pages by the end of the timer and it’s not like anything interesting is going to be going on there.

      Oh my god, audiobooks are my favorite way to try out different sorts of genres and expand my horizons. I LOVE THEM SO SO SO MUCH.

      Thanks Quinn! I hope you go to the February Oblong Books event, I’d love to see you again!

      • I am pretty much definitely going to the Oblong event with Marissa Meyer on Feb 17! Not sure about the Feb 3 event, though.

        Have you ever been to the Rochester Teen Book Festival? I haven’t, but I think I will go this year. It on May 18. They have a website if you google it. Some amazing authors will be there this year.

        • I’ll be at the Marissa Meyer event.

          I’ve never been to the Rochester Teen Book Fest, it’s sort of a huge hike for me — like a 4 hour drive. Maybe if I could get a hotel room and some people to carpool I might go. It’s tempting.

    • Simple reply Quinn…maybe they don’t have time to read books because their not as efficient as you and getting things done, therefore why they don’t have time to do anything else but things that they obviously loathe to do if their complaining about it. Unbelievable, didn’t think people would be this nasty.

  6. Yes! I hate when people say that. You have time to read, you just don’t make time for it. I always carry a book with me. Always. I hate being stuck somewhere with nothing to read.

    I used to be one of those people who would not listen to audiobooks. My dad used to listen to talk radio in the car and it always made my head pound. The first audiobook I tried to listen to did the same thing, so I just stayed away. But then a friend insisted I try the Harry Potter audiobooks and it turns out that not all audiobooks make my head pound. You just have to try out different narrators. I still can’t listen in the car but at least I can listen when I work from home.

    • Oh my god, I cannot handle being stuck some place without a book. It is literally the worst.

      I used to be the exact same way about audiobooks, I thought they were dumb so I wasn’t into them and I listened to some poorly made ones on Librivox, THEN someone was all bro, read Harry Potter on audio and I’m like I guess I can try it. AND FELL IN LOVE.

      Awww, sucks you can’t listen in the car, but sometimes it is nice to drive to some great songs.

  7. You might be a little bit of a speed reader! I can only read about 50 pages per hour! lol

    I definitely agree with you, though. You can definitely find time to read. My mom and I had this discussion because she works and I don’t, and she’s all “I don’t have time to read.” Really? I make time to read. I’ve given up most TV because I prefer reading!

    • Hahahaha, okay sighhhhhh I guess I do read a little bit fast, but it’s from a lot of practice and I’m awesome at reading comprehension.

      Yeah, I don’t watch a ton of TV. I mean, I like TV shows don’t get me wrong, but I tend to watch them on DVD or Netflix when I need a break from books. And even then, if a person watches TV they can totally read during the commercial breaks — that’s what I did as a high schooler.

      • Reading during commercials? Dude, that is the greatest idea I’ve ever heard! Why didn’t I think of that?! That’s definitely a way to watch the shows I like without missing out on reading time!

        • LOL, the only part when it’s not a good idea is when you’re watching something like Downton Abbey and there aren’t any commercials. I won’t lie during the season premiere I was really sad at the lack of commercials because half the time I had to use the bathroom and didn’t want to miss anything. Sigh.

  8. There is ALWAYS time to read, and you can actually read quite a lot if you utilize all that time properly. I love the stuff you’ve put on your list, though I usually only do the first one and sometimes the third one. I think we readers read more than our fair share of books because we LIKE reading and we dedicate or choose to dedicate a lot of our time to it!

    • Right, it’s all about how you manage your time. I imagine that every person can read a least one book a month if they devote just ten pages a day or something. I absolutely agree that we do read more than our fair share of books but I am more than happy to dedicate my time to the pursuit of something I love.

  9. YES! I hate it when people say they don’t have time to read books and then give me this condescending look because I do. SO ANNOYING! I mean, seriously, they make time to watch every random TV show, they could be reading instead. Ahum. I’ll kill this rant before it starts.
    I totally agree about the always having a book with you part, I also select bags based on if they can hold a book. Or two. And I need to try more audiobooks, I enjoyed the one I listened to about a year ago, it’d be a good way to be more productive driving to and from work.
    Great post!

    • The condescending look is absolutely the worst. I’ve gotten that before and then the person proceeds to carry on about all the TV they watched the other day and I’m all for real dude? There’s nothing wrong with preferring the medium of television, but don’t judge me because I make time to read or whatever.

      LOL my blog is a safe place to rant, no worries here!
      All of my bags are big enough to carry a book except for one shiny clutch, but that’s about it.

      DO IT TO IT, audiobooks are the greatest and you should definitely give them a chance.

  10. Dear lord seriously thank you.
    I won’t even go any further because there’s no need.
    We’re totally on the exact same wavelength.
    Just, oh my gosh. Yes to it all x 1000.
    I can’t express to you how flail-y I am right now, and it is all Southern and whatnot.
    Also, I get up an hour before I need to start readying my household for their day and read for that entire one hour. So I get an entire hour of reading done before anyone else that I know in the world is even awake, except for maybe one person that is actually just working out and that doesn’t count, and that starts my day out FREAKING AWESOME.

    • Also, I have the big bag with print copies plus my Kindle AND I keep audios on the ready at all times – like, I wear my earbuds throughout the day, looped through my shirt so I don’t have to search for them (I’m crazed but also an audiobook junkie). I also keep books by the bed and in the car. I listen to audios not only while I’m driving and cleaning, but also while I’m shopping for groceries and such. And I go to carpool extra early so I can read while I’m in line. The only prioritization I give books is if a deadline is imminent and I haven’t read a book yet, but that doesn’t happen often. And I usually have about four or five going at a time, just because of always keeping at least an audio, at least one re-read, and at least one review book going while usually reading something along with someone else. It sounds complicated but when you are a voracious reader and love it and crave it and it is your happy place, it really isn’t as stressful or complicated as it sounds. You can ALWAYS find time for the things that you love.

      • OH MY GOD THIS IS MY THING. I wish I could wear earbuds but my ears are too small for them so they always fall out, even the really tiny sized ones where you can adjust them. I do occasionally slip on the my giant ear phones while grocery shopping which FYI is a perfect place because I do not want to interact with the parade of freaks who happen to go at the same time I do.

        Are we the same with multiple books going at the same time? Seriously, I always have an audio going or two if one is on CD and the other is my audible app like right now, an ebook, and a regular print book. So yo, it is absolutely not complicated to me but like you I’m voracious. Reading is totally my happy place.

        THIS: ‘You can ALWAYS find time for the things you love’ truer words haven’t been spoken.

    • LOL I love how you’re like I won’t go any further but then you do and it’s awesome because I love your long comments and your Southerness and your flailing.

      I like the idea of getting up an hour early and just spending it reading to yourself. I am usually the last one up because apparently I need 9.5 hours of sleep. Anyways, I just play an audiobook over our bathroom speakers while I’m showering in the morning and I think that counts.

      Whoooooo for starting a day with something AWESOME. I wish more people would do that, we’d probably be happier on the whole.

  11. Sometimes I escape to the bathroom at work and read a chapter of a book. NOT ASHAMED. Patients can wait for one stinking chapter.

    Seriously, I need to be better at this. Readathons are ALWAYS scheduled when I am not available or when Mr. Jen is home, which means I cannot continuously read book after book. But I do like to, on my nights where I have to stay up all night in preparation for switching to my nightshifts, devour as many books as I can.

    I wish I was better at this.

    • Bahahaha, if I could get away with reading in the bathroom at my work I totally would.

      I notice that about readathons — there’s a lot of people who usually end up unable to participate and that sucks. I’m lucky because I just tell Tony a week in advance to leave me the eff alone on readathon day and usually he gets all excited because he can play video games and watch ESPN without my interference.

      I think you are plenty good at reading a lot as it is. <3

  12. I absolutely hate when people say, “Well, I just don’t have time to read” because it’s all about choices… for example, that person might choose to spend a few hours watching TV, while I decide to spend my free time curled up with a good book instead. I always feel very insulted when someone says, “I wish I could read as many books as you, but I just don’t have the time” because it implies that I don’t have as much going on in my life as they do. NO! Like you, I just find ways to squeeze in reading… audiobooks are amazing for that and I carry my Kindle with me everywhere.

    • That’s exactly what I’m getting at that whole implication that you don’t have a life or something to do because your hobbies are a little bit more flexible and solitary than say, someone who engages in recreational sports — nothing wrong with that, just different strokes for different folks.

      I LOVE audiobooks. Yesterday I had my audiobook on with me as I did chores and wandered the house and made food and it turns out, I ended up listening to 4 and a half hours — that’s how much of my day is spent on boring tasks.

  13. YES TO ALL. I get so sick of hearing that, especially when it’s said in the condescending “Ugh, my life is so busy and important and clearly yours is not,” way. I’m a full-time senior in college with a 3.97 GPA and 2 part-time jobs. And I read 100+ books every year. I read somewhat faster than average but am not by any means a speed-reader. It’s all about making it a priority.

    I alwaysalwaysalways have a book with me, no matter where I’m going or for how long. I read standing in line at the grocery store, waiting for class to start, and when my tire randomly blows on the highway. You never know when time is going to pop up, and it’s good to be prepared. I sometimes get up early, frequently stay up late, and if things are getting too crazy hectic, I will even schedule reading time.

    Readathons are the best ever! I am having so much fun with Bout of Books right now.

    • For sure, it IS about making reading a priority. I know in college I read books for fun, but not a whole lot but I also made drinking a priority instead ha ha.

      I wish I had thought before my senior year of college to always have a book with me. Like, that senior year I ended up reading my book while waiting for class to start and it was awesome.

      I’m glad to hear you’re having a blast with Bout Of Books πŸ™‚

  14. YES-YES-YES!! It annoys the crap out of me when people claim not to have time to read or not to like reading (seriously, I’m gettin’ all judge-y and saying those people suck. How can you possibly not like reading?!? What is wrong with you?).

    I read every day. Without fail. Even if it’s just a 15-minute spree. Of course, I’d read all day, every day if possible but eve 15 minutes calms me down and centers me. And anyone who looks at me sideways about it either gets an eye roll or a “poor you” from me. Because I feel bad for them for not reading.

    • I know a few people who dislike reading — like one person I know is dyslexic so yeah to me that’s an okay reason to not like reading.

      I read every day too, well for the most part. There’s been a few days where I just have no inclination to pick up a book and I try not to beat myself up over that.

      Reading is definitely one of the best things you can do for your brain and yes, I feel bad for people who just don’t understand the magic of words.

  15. I did a post like this a while back — it’s so easy to find the time to read! We just have to put our minds to it!

    I like the idea of ALWAYS carrying a book on your person — I do that ALL THE TIME. And I have ALL the apps on my phone, so I can read ANYWHERE!

    And I love audiobooks, too! Though I don’t do a lot of things where I need an audiobook … I should try to work more in.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • YES! We also have to be creative about finding the time to read. I only have the Audible and the Kindle app and those are definitely enough for my phone. I use the audible app constantly.

      Audiobooks are my absolute favorite. They’re perfect for doing boring blog stuff like deleting spam comments or formatting reviews or updating your review archives.

  16. BookChick313 says

    Love this post! I think it might be my favorite book blogger post ever! I am really impressed with how many books you read (no condescension here), and I’ve always thought you must be a fast reader, so I’m really glad you posted this. I definitely plan on using the tips you posted here. I have tried a few audio books, some of which I liked more than others. I certainly plan on reading more. They would be perfect for when I’m cleaning and also driving.

    • Aww, thank you! I am slightly fast, but I also just make reading a large part of my day and audiobooks are probably my biggest boost. They’re definitely the best for doing dishes and folding laundry and pretty much all of the boring parts of life.

  17. One of the best things I get to do since moving back home is being able to read while grocery shopping. My mom grabs things from the shelves, I push the cart. While I’m waiting for her to finish on an aisle I stand there and read my book or Kindle.

    I was just talking about this with my friend the other day, too.
    Last year I read the fewest books in a year that I ever have (just 50) and people were still shocked that “I had so much time to read so many books”….it’s what I love so it makes sense that I would make time for it.
    It really annoys me when people think I’m not doing anything with my life if I have so much time to read.
    People who love sports set aside days to have parties just for a game. I set aside days to read, which is what I love.

    Audiobooks have always made me a little leery since I haven’t heard very good things about many of them. But since you seem to love them so much I think I’ll give ’em a shot πŸ™‚

    • Ha ha, that’s so awesome that you can read while going grocery shopping. I think I might try to do that with an audiobook the next time I go because unfortunately I have to do all my shopping myself. Blah.

      It is interesting that for some people it’s hard to grasp the concept of loving books and setting aside time for them.

      YES to setting aside days to read!

      Audiobooks are wonderful, it’s just a matter of finding narrators that please your ears, ya know?

  18. I have absolutely no time management skills, but I find time to read. I have three jobs, a 6 year old, a significant other, a large demanding family, AND my blog. I don’t have a social life (sleep is more important), and the blog is usually the one to be pooped on when things get hectic. (I think the only thing I wouldn’t throw out before reading is my 6 year old.) Despite my crazy life and lack of time, I still find 15 minute intervals to catch a snatch of a book. I listen to audiobooks. Altogether, I think I read around 85 books last year. I can’t wait until I can upload the damn things into my brain. πŸ˜‰

    • Ha ha, word. I am the worst at managing my time. I will say, I think that having a social life is important just because having people to talk with does really matter.

      Also, can I just say that I’m really impressed that you read 85 books with all of that going on.

      Heck yes, I hope that’s in the future, book chips for your brain.

  19. Yes! It’s all about how you spend your time. You do read a lot, just looking at your January TBR vlog, but it’s because you make the time to read and don’t waste time when you could be reading. See: me. I should really be off reading but I logged onto the computer to turn it off and ended up going through my GoogleReader (hence why I’m her and commenting) and Veronica Mars video’s on YouTube (but to be fair, it was a blog post that led me there. I didn’t goo searching on purpose. Also, LOGAN. *swoon* Anyways, enough swooning, where was I?) So I’m off to read, even if it is just a chapter. I need to drag myself away from the addictiveness that is the internet and read more but that’s something I need to work on.

    I used to take a book with me but don’t find myself out that much, especially at places that involves lines and doctors or if I am the doctors am usually too anxious to read. I’ve picked up a few audiobooks but usually stop after a minute or so – I must keep on trying them though! Also, a timer sounds like a great idea and will try that next time I read.

    Awesome post full of awesomess, April!

    • Aww, yeah I really do set aside a lot of time to read and tend not to spend a lot of time sucked into the black hole of the internet ALTHOUGH I have been known to sink into the comments of Jezebel from time to time and spend hours there.

      Veronica Mars foreva! I miss that show.

      The timer thing definitely does work, I think. πŸ™‚

      Thank you so much <3

  20. y’all know they’re just jealous of your mad skills.

  21. Love these tips! I am a very slow reader and I am always amazed by how many books people can read. But I don’t think people are abnormally zoomy, I just know I am very A.D.D. and have an obsession with reading every single word like I am reading out loud. I really need to work on this. The tips are great, by the way, especially number one. I have found this easier to do now that I have a Kindle. Before my bag got too heavy.

    • Yeah, it’s a drag carrying a hard cover because sometimes it gets WAY too heavy with all of the other crap. Thank goodness for the invention of ereaders.

      Also, there’s no shame at all in being a slow reader. And if reading the words out loud in your head helps you like and comprehend the story more, then more power to you. <3

  22. I get that a lot from people. And they also think we stand around the bookstore and read all day. Yep. I’d love that, but it would get in the way of actually selling books and helping customers! I too always have a book with me–just in case. You never know when you have a moment to read. I also tell people I make reading a daily priority. Some people prefer to watch tv or play video games–I read instead. And I also reward myself with reading if I clean the house or work out or do something that I hate doing!

    • Wouldn’t that be thrilling to just stand around all day reading.

      My boyfriend watches TV and plays video games and that’s fine. I choose to read while he’s doing those things.

      OH MY GOODNESS! I love the reading as reward system. In fact I am doing that today, for each task I cross off my list, I get to read a chapter of my book. It’s awesome and motivating and I only have a few more tasks left.

  23. I wake up a little earlier in the mornings to read sometimes if I haven’t been doing a good job of reading at night!

  24. I heart this post SO MUCH. I may direct the next person who says those things to me to your blog! Although I am sure they will claim they don’t have time to read it. πŸ˜‰

  25. April,
    You are my hero.
    If for no other reason than this post.
    Thank you.
    Love, Jac.

    Ok – time for my real comment *LOL*!! I don’t read near as much as you – but my only excuse is that I don’t make it a priority as often.

    I ALWAYS have at least one “real” book in my bag. As well as my iPhone (Kindle and Nook apps!) and my Kindle. So I have a variety of options and I can read whenever I have a few moments. (Which happens daily!)

    I ALWAYS have an audiobook going. Either on my phone, or with one of those Playaways from the library. I listen while I’m cleaning, while I’m driving, While my kidlet is playing at the park. I am ALWAYS listening to an audiobook. (Unless I’m actually reading or staring at the computer like a drone.)

    I have started setting a rule for myself. My kid goes to bed at 7:30. My tv and computer go off at 9:30 (10 max) and I spend the rest of my evening reading.

    It’s easy to read a lot – even slow reading – you just have to make it a priority.

    • Jac, thank you so much! >3333

      I love love love carrying around a variety of reading options with me as well because I have those daily moments too and it helps to not feel restricted to one choice.

      I love your love of audiobooks! Embracing the listening! <3

      Also, smart idea to shut your computer off at a certain time. Mine automatically shuts off at like 9:45 and then starts back up at 6:10 in the morning. And the automatic shut off does remove distraction.

      It's definitely all about having your priorities straight for sure.

  26. I have 2 kids, a full time job (yes, I do spend quality time with my children) and I read 215 books last year. Oh, and part of the year I was finishing my master’s degree. So, if I can find time, anyone can find time. I think you have some great pointers here. I always have a book or eReader with me. Always. One thing I started doing is listening to audiobooks while I run. I am training for a half marathon and “reading”. That has been a great thing for my exercise.

    The thing is, I don’t scrapbook or play bunco like a lot of the moms in my neighborhood (not that there’s anything wrong with that). This is what I do. I read and blog. Even if you only have time to read 10 books a year, that’s great! Everyone has to take into account what fits into their lives. I’m just happy when people read, no matter how many books go on their list.

    • Damn, yeah absolutely if someone with your awesome insane schedule can find time then anyone can.

      I really need to get into listening to audiobooks and running. I can do it for other exercises but like with the treadmill, I can barely hear the audio over the pounding of my feet.

      LOL I don’t even know what bunco is.

      I love that last sentiment — even if you only have time for 10 books– it’s awesome. Yay for reading!

  27. I know EXACTLY what you mean about those pretentious bastards who think that they’re above everyone else for not having enough time to read. Reading is IMPORTANT. Find a better excuse!

    I love having a book on me at all times, or my Ipad, if I’m reading ebooks. Also, I always appreciate a Matilda GIF. Nice post!

    • Yeah, I totally have people like that in my life, hence this post.

      I get people choosing not to prioritize reading, but that’s their perrogative. Don’t sit and tell me ohh I don’t have time for that because X Y and Z. Just be real about it, ya know?

      I totally LOVE always having a book with me as well. It’s kind of comforting.

      Matilda for life!

  28. I could definitely manage my time better. I’m trying to do that. I take my kindle places, but sometimes I’m all “OH HEY TWITTER” instead of my book because I know I’ll be super pissed if I have to quit reading before I am ready to. But today when I was getting my inspection updated a guy with a kindle was like, “Oh! Hey – another kindle lover” and he wanted to talk about it. Um, no. When I have a book, I want to read. But I couldn’t be rude. He was a nice old man who just wanted to chat. πŸ™

    • I know I talk on and on about taking your kindle everywhere, but I also fall into the oh hey twitter trap and have to remind myself that it’s really not getting anything done.

      LOL, the elderly, they are so adorable. I guess I must give off mean vibes or something because usually people don’t bother me when I’m reading. Hehehe.

  29. I absolutely LOVE this! One of my biggest pet peeves is when (in my graduate courses) people actually (like you send) respond in a condescending manner after I talk about how I love reading and what I’m reading. I’m a LIBRARY major! And all these other people are like “Oh I just don’t have time.” I wrote a post last week on how stressed I am for time but that doesn’t mean I don’t HAVE time – I just don’t MAKE time! Great post with lots of great ideas!

    • Hah, I am not sure I want those people to be my librarian if they don’t make any sort of time to read or keep up with what’s going on in the field. Yeah, I really think that it’s definitely a matter of managing time and doing away with things that are total time wasters – which should help one to make time.

  30. I’ve done the time thing before too! I think that’s what helped me read as much as I did last year as I spent a few months forcing myself to shut down everything and just read for an hour. It was always so amazing how quickly time seemed to fly by. I really need to get back into do that as my reading time has been edged out by distractions.

    I’m also going to bookmark this post and make everyone I know who says that they don’t have time to read check it out because there is time there for the taking if you just look for all those little opportunities.

    • YES! Time absolutely zooms by as do the pages when you put all of the distractions and bells and whistles away. Reading your comment, I realize that I should probably do the smart thing and shut my computer volume off when I time myself because it dings each time an email comes through and then I end up really feeling the need to check what the email is on my phone.

      Word. There’s always boring little opportunities to squeeze in some reading.

  31. You have pretty much summed up my reading schedule in this post. I never leave home without a book and an ipod loaded with audio book for those waiting points that everyone runs into.

    Except for dinner…or eating out with family, I’ll read over breakfast and lunch just so I can fit more reading time into my day.

    • Yes! It’s so smart to always have something ready to go.

      I also think that there are certain points where reading isn’t appropriate and that time is better spent focused in the present rather than on words and the example of eating out with family is a great one.

  32. haha I love this post! I do think I sometimes fall into the camp of “I don’t see how people have so much time to read so much.” I used to consider myself a fast reader…but among other bloggers, I’m not so sure. Maybe I don’t have the best time management skills, however. I really like your idea of giving yourself a set time to read within without any distractions. Also I should try audiobooks. I’m just such a visual person I’m worried that I won’t be able to pick up on as much listening to a book. But no harm in trying it out I suppose. Thanks for the suggestions! πŸ™‚

    • Right, I think that when we compare ourselves and our numbers to other people we inevitably set ourselves up for disappointment because there’s always going to be someone out there who does more. That stated, I do read a lot, even among bloggers and I find myself completely envious of those who have the time management skills to actually write the review right after the book and schedule the review. I can barely manage to set up the review.

      Audiobooks are fantastic and I think that if you get the right narrator, you’ll pick up on different inflections and such. I find that they really help me to understand classic books much, much more.

  33. Luckily I never get this from people. But it is annoying when people claim they want to read more but never have time. We’re able to read a lot because we fit it in whenever we can and because reading is a PRIORITY for us. I’d almost always rather read than go to a bar or watch New Girl or whatever the hell normal 25 year olds do.

    Also, another fit-in-more-reading-time tip? Bath-showers / shower-baths. Begin or end your showers by filling up the tub and reading for a few. Even if it’s only 15 minutes its soooo relaxing and you get more reading time in!

    • You are very lucky indeed. I get it mainly from family, etc. I can understand not being able to read like 200 books a year because you are busy or read slow, but I think a lot of people could fit in at least 20 or so books a year because it truly is a priority. Personally, I love going to the bar and I love watching New Girl, but I also love saving my dollars (I almost always spend over 20 at the bar) and staying home and relaxing with a book.

      I like that idea! I tend to listen to audiobooks while I shower. πŸ™‚

  34. I love all your tips, April! And the gifs. πŸ™‚ These are pretty much what I do. Except I’ve never thought about setting a timer. I need to try that.

    I too have been on the receiving end of snide comments about reading.

    • Thank you Lori, I think the GIFs were my favorite part of writing this. Setting a timer is definitely my favorite because it really does motivate me to focus myself and get into the groove of a good book without distraction.

      Yeah, I think some people are snide without realizing it, maybe, but ugh it comes off as so annoying.

  35. Great post – someone pointed me in your direction on Twitter. I work in a hospital in the ER and it is amazing to see the number of people who sit waiting to be seen or waiting for blood test results and things just staring at the walls. Bringing a book everywhere with you is such a great habit to get into! Twitter is a big obstacle for me, too, as is my blogreader. It’s so easy to get sucked into the internet. I am also reading way less since I learned to drive compared to when I used to commute to work on public transport. I’m considering leaving the car at home and getting up a little bit earlier to get the bus, so I can make some extra me-time to read.

    • Aww, yay twitter where you can come across new posts from people you don’t know.

      Ugh, I don’t think I could just sit there and stare at the walls, I would get way too impatient and irritable.

      I love always having a book with me.

      It might be a good idea to try audiobooks on your commute as a way to find reading time. πŸ™‚

  36. This post is hilarious and there is absolute truth in every word (so I am following your blog now because of it).

    I’m totally guilty of being all “I don’t have time to read anymore, what is my life?!?” when the semester gets just past midterms and twice as hectic. But the truth is, I did have time to read, I just didn’t calm my ass down enough to take advantage of it. Now that my doctor’s given me a nice little Rx, I get overwhelmed by things a lot less. XD

    I don’t think people realize that it’s so easy to just turn the computer off, turn the phone and tablet and fancy ipod off, and just read for a while before bed. Or maybe sit and read for 30-45 minutes when you get home, instead of watching TV. Or read while you have dinner alone with your cats instead of watching Netflix.

    I used to be very uncertain about ebooks, but having read a couple since getting my ipad, I like the idea of having a back-up if I finish whatever book I’ve got on me when I’m out, without looking like that crazy person who carries 2 books around with her Just In Case. I still prefer having a physical book in my hands, but now that I’ve tried ebooks, I am a little more amenable to the idea of trying out an audiobook (especially since I’ve got a small road trip coming up in the summer).

    And I think I would be able to listen to Cyndi Lauper without wanting to shoot myself in the face if my mom had listened to audiobooks while cleaning instead of playing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun loud enough to be heard as she moved from room to room.

    • Awww, YAY! I am so glad you decided to subscribe to my blog lol, I promise lots of hilarity in store.

      You know, midterms and school can be really busy and I don’t blame you for focusing on your school work. Plus, it can be super stressful, although I guess reading does help lower stress.

      I imagine some people don’t quite grasp the point of the off button for technology. I’ve read in Lifehacker that if you turn off back lit devices before bed and just read, apparently you’re less likely to get insomnia.

      LOL my life right there. I watch netflix while I have dinner alone with my dogs. But then again, no one is home when I eat — boyfriend works a different shift than I do.

      I think audiobooks are quite wonderful and worth trying out and if you don’t like it, no harm done.

      Awww man, that sucks that your mom ruined Cyndi Lauper for you. Sigh. If only she listened to audios.

  37. Don’t forget reading in the bathroom!

  38. I definitely need to manage my time better when it comes to reading (and well, pretty much everything else too). I always seem to get sucked into the black hole that is the internet! I’ve never actually set a timer to read before. I need to try that out, because I am curious to see how many pages I read in that time, because I’m know I’m a slow reader.

    I’ve been wanting to try audiobooks for a while, but I usually end up talking myself out of it because I’m sure I won’t like it. But I really like the idea of listening to them while driving or cleaning the house, so I’m gonna try that out! Maybe I’ll be able to read the classics that way.

    Thanks for such a great post! I’ve followed you on Twitter for a while and have always been impressed with how many books you can read in a year! I’ve been trying to get past 50 books for the last 3 years. So I was happy to see you wrote a post on how you do it.

    • Seriously, the internet black hole sucks me in almost every single time. Like, last night I sat down to talk with a friend about some questions and I could have logged off after that, but then I ended up clicking an article someone linked from Slate and then reading all of the articles on Slate.

      Audiobooks are such a good way to try different sorts of books. I think that there really is no risk to listening to audio while you clean, I mean, if you don’t like it you can just go back to music.

      Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ That makes my day. πŸ™‚

  39. SO with you on audios!

  40. The only thing I kept thinking when I saw that gif with the baby reading so quickly was – “Oh wouldn’t it be great if you really could read that fast?” Haha!

    I really love this post, April! I hear comments like this and it’s frustrating because it’s almost always in a really condescending tone. I think sometimes people really are curious and want to know how you read so much, but most of the time it seems like they just want to pass judgment on the fact that you’re choosing to spend your time reading.

    Pinterest is living proof that people have time to sit their ass down and read a book. I like Pinterest as much as the next person, but it really shows that you’ll take the time to do what you want. If you can spend enough time online to amass thousands of pins, I’m pretty sure you have the capacity to read a book if you so desired.

    My mom would always tell me that you do what you actually want to do. For example, I’d say, “I really want to get my homework done sooner.” And she’d be all like, “If you really WANTED to do it sooner, you’d have already done it. You actually do what you want to do. Talking about wanting to do it and doing it aren’t the same thing.” Which is really just my way of pointing out that everyone, everywhere, makes time to do the things they want to do.

    I love having an iPhone because I’ve got my Kindle app for reading, Evernote for taking notes while I read (or new blog ideas) and my Audible and library app for audiobooks. I ALWAYS have that with me – and it allows me to get lots of reading done. I’m newer to audiobooks, but I’ve found that it works for me to do audio re-reads. That way I can do whatever task I’m trying to accomplish (like folding the laundry) and listen to a book but I don’t get super stressed when I’m like “Where is the sock that goes with this? It’s got to be here somewhere. JACKSON! (my dog) bring back that sock!” and tune out on the audio for a few minutes because something in real life has distracted me. I’m familiar enough with the story that I’m not stressed about all the little details.

    Anyway, love this post! Clearly πŸ™‚

  41. I select a time right before bed and read till I get sleepy – which depending on the book might be awhile.

  42. I love love LOVE this post! Gifs included. I just nodded my head the entire time I was reading this… I’m so the girl that whips out my phone and reads while standing in line at the grocery store. I listen to audiobooks while driving, showering, cleaning, gardening, walking the dog…. EVERYWHERE. Though sometimes I realize that I MISS music because I’m so into my books :). But audiobooks save me every time, because when things get busy and days are hectic and I’m too sleepy at night, there’s ALWAYS time to listen to an audiobook :).

    This post is awesomesauce.

  43. The first pic reminded me of my 10 yr old namesake,read to in utero. Then I propped board books in front of her as soon as she could raise her head while on tummy…she was just 3 months. Two years ago in May when all school and library books were returned, she looked around the house to find something to read, found a thick book she had not read, was over 100 pp. unto it when her brother mocked, Didn’t you know that was a series? She then read ALL the Harry Potter books. Shhhhh! Her Easter book is on the way: I retired early from Head Start (1450 families) Family Literacy where local schools helped collect for distribution @ 10,000 books a year plus getting the first RIF grant for PreK . Now I am just Book gran: when kids hit teens they get a gift cert to a bookstore that doesn’t sell CDs, DVDs or other non-book toys. When they feel their unopened gifts, if I am there, books are opened first. Grandson had Kindle before I did. I still buy and beg books for a community center we support…easy to do. At baby boutique where they had a load of them, owner offered a blanket price for a bunch to move them. So, even on vacation, you can put books in hands of kids whose families see them as luxuries OR worse yet, buy the ones with cartoon characters ’cause they recognize them. Go…when you aren’t reading yourself, buy or talk to local school kids who love to collect books, donate to poor- budget schools, centers, families.

  44. Great post! I have this same problem with people acting like there is something wrong with me because I read books. Your tips are excellent, esp. the audio books. The other thing I have found useful is to keep a book of short-stories (or poems, or essays, any short form) on my desk at work to read during breaks/lunch. This is in addition to whatever I’m reading generally, but it lets me get some reading done without sucking me into a story and making it hard to go back to work when break time is over.

  45. April I am so that person that whips a book out on the checkout line LOL but thank goodness for phones and ebook readers because now I don’t have to look like such a geek…I can still have that “cool” suave “look at that chic on an ipad or her phone…whatever it’s technology!” LOL

    I’d love to get into audiobooks because I could get through so much more books if I can listen to it when I’m driving, walking basically anything that I can’t physically read when I’m doing those things. That’d be so fantastic! I’ve tried Everneath by Brody Ashton whilst driving and my mind just wanders! I’m going to try it again, as it’d really be great if I can get into it.

    I will be doing the time thing because whilst I don’t spend a huge amount of time on Twitter and FB I do spend heaps of times going through my RSS reader, Feedly at the moment or just going through blog posts like I’m doing now instead of reading…I know shame on me πŸ™ I can’t wait to see how much time I waste doing other things when I could be reading!

    I also love Readathons, do you have any other you can recommend as I already participate on BoutofBooks and will participate on Dewey next time. How do you find about readathons?

    I’m also going to read the book on speed reading, yes there’s actually a book on speed reading, granted it’s for work like studying or being an editor I guess but hey I can use the same technique!


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