Invisibility | Rooms | Infinite In Between | MiniReviews

I am essentially looking forward to that day when my NEED TO BE REVIEW goodreads shelf is down to zero, but dear friends, today is not that day. Of course, you all know mini reviews are my favorite thing of late. Here are three more – I liked two of the books just fine. There […]

Replica by Lauren Oliver | Book Review

Replica by Lauren Oliver continues to prove my theory or at least opinion that everything Lauren Oliver writes is brilliant. Sure, I am absolutely a fan girl of her work. Objectively though, I can say that she’s an author who takes all kinds of risks with her writing and is not afraid to try things […]

Cassie: Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver | Book Review

First off, I am a HUGE Lauren Oliver fan. I’ve met her a few times and she is always funny and endearing. Before I Fall is one of the only books that I’ve read multiple times. Naturally, Vanishing Girls was a must-read for me. The book follows two very distinct characters, twins Dara and Nick. […]

Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver | Book Review

I am the sort of Lauren Oliver fan that if there was an announcement that she was writing a math textbook, I would preorder that textbook despite not really understanding math. In short, I am a Lauren Oliver fan girl. So, know that I do have certain biases. Vanishing Girls is Oliver’s latest addition to the […]