Infinite by Jodi Meadows | Book Review

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Infinite by Jodi Meadows | Book ReviewInfinite by Jodi Meadows
Also by this author: The Orphan Queen, The Mirror King
Series: Newsoul #3
Published by HarperCollins on 2014-01-28
Genres: Emotions & Feelings, Fantasy & Magic, Love & Romance, Social Issues, Young Adult
Pages: 432
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
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The stunning conclusion to the Incarnate trilogy, a fantasy series about a girl who is the first new soul born into a society where everyone else has been reborn hundreds of times.Ana knows that soon life in Heart will be at risk so she escapes with her friends, seeking answers and allies to stop Janan's ascension and keep the other Newsouls safe. But only she knows the true cost of reincarnation and the dangers she'll encounter if she returns to stop him once and for all.Romantic and action-filled, the rich world of Infinite is perfect for fans of epic fantasy like Graceling by Kristin Cashore and The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson, while Ana's courage to expose the cracks in society and fight for what is right is ideal for fans of dystopian novels.

I really love that feeling of smug accomplishment I get when I finish a series. Y’all, I just finished another series in 2014, another feather in my cap! The Newsoul trilogy by Jodi Meadows ends withInfinite.Personally, I think thatInfiniteis the perfect send off for Ana, Dossam, Stef, Sarit and all the characters we’ve come to know and love or hate in this series. I want to warn you right now that in talking aboutInfinite I am sure that I will spoil the previous books in Meadows’s trilogy, so calm down and check out Incarnate andAsunder first and then come back to this review.

Infinite picks up whereAsunder leaves off. Ana is gathering people who support newsouls and who are against Deboral in order to formulate a resistance. Together, these people decide to exile themselves from Heart as it’s not safe anymore, considering that all council members who were supportive of newsouls were assassinated. The book does not stop there, or rather Ana does not stop there. Instead, she begins plotting the demise of Janan, as if he ascends on Soul Night, all will be lost and the world will be destroyed in a rain of ashes and fire. With an army of slyph on her side, Ana begins her monumental task — from making more of Menehem’s poison to enlisting the help of some unlikely allies. Will she succeed? You’ll have to readInfinite to find out. What I can tell you is that this book is packed with action and drama.

So, I feel like as a character, Ana has come full circle. I remember startingIncarnate and Ana feeling like she was a nosoul. I remember she could not believe that THE Dossam would be into her. I remember she just didn’t seem to have confidence. EnterInfinite where now Ana is a leader. She’s found her voice. She does things that test the bounds and limits of courage. Don’t get me wrong, Ana still has moments of vulnerability, but I guess I just feel like she’s really matured int this book. I feel like she’s finally come into her own, even though she’s only got one lifetime unlike all the other characters. I really enjoyed Ana’s point of view this time around and will be sorry to not have more time with her as a reader.

Yet, straight up I am going to tell you that even though I liked the character of Ana, she’s not the main attraction toInfinite by Jodi Meadows for me. Oh no. That honor belongs to the fairytale creatures and the world building. For real, at first when I readIncarnate it was kind of hard for me to get a grasp on this world. Now, however, I am fully immersed. I am so impressed with how rich it is. I am impressed with how much Meadows has put into her world building. From sylphs who have been cursed by the phoenixes to dragons who have a very specific fear to rocs and trolls to this whole Janan religion to the topography and geography, I just really loved the world of theNewsoul trilogy. It’s just so creative and awesome and I want a map like right this second. I am glad that much of this book took us outside of Heart and explored different parts of Meadows’ Newsoul world.

Of course I am saving the best element ofInfinite for last. AND THAT IS THE ROMANCE. Yes you guys, there is kissing. There’s also a lot of drama and hurt feelings and intimacy and just, ahhhh, moments of wanting to be like, yo characters, communicate it out please. Sam and Ana go through some really serious things together and while occasionally that drives a wedge between them, a super annoying wedge, it works out. I really loved how the kissing and the fighting and the adult moments played out. Y’all, this is a love for the ages, to go all weird on you. It’s awesome. If you’re that type who is all about swoons, you should get your hands on The Newsoul trilogy by Jodi Meadows.

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  1. I haven’t read this final one yet but it’s good to hear about Ana. I do agree about her not actually being the main attraction — the creatures, the world — that’s what kept me reading and fascinated me. Excited about her new book, too!
    Mary @ BookSwarm recently posted..Pre-Squee: I WANT IT THAT WAY by Ann AguirreMy Profile

  2. “I really love that feeling of smug accomplishment I get when I finish a series. Yall, I just finished another series in 2014, another feather in my cap! ”

    AGREED! I finished THREE series this year, and I want a medal for it.

    I haven’t read the first book, but I’m quickly changing my mind. I own the first novel on my Kindle, and I haven’t realled looked twice at it because I know I bought it because of Cover Lust. However, I might have to rectify this slight and give it a shot.
    Lyn Kaye recently posted..Stacking the Shelves #91My Profile

    • I truly believe we ought to get a certificate or a medal or a trophy for finishing a series, especially as bloggers because we get all these books flung at us that sometimes a series may fall to the wayside.

      You should read this series! It’s a decent one. There’s magic and dragons and reincarnation and the ROMANCE.

  3. I have so much love for this series! It’s one of my favorites, and I am thrilled to learn that you loved INFINITE as well! My favorite part of that book was seeing Ana finally fully mature and grow into herself and her identity, followed closely by that sweet, sweet romance. DOSSAM FOREVER <3
    Alexa S. recently posted..Infinite Sky – C.J. Flood (Review)My Profile

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