A Mirror Mended by Alix E. Harrow | Novella Review

I was so excited to dive into A Mirror Mended by Alix E. Harrow. This novella was the sequel to A Spindle Splintered – which I LOVED. It stands to reason this novella would be just as good. It turns out though that this novella wasn’t quite my favorite. I still respect it though and respect those […]

Trigger by N Griffin | Book Review

Trigger by N Griffin was pitched to me as a cross between The Queen’s Gambit and Educated. I just knew I had to pick this book up. Apparently this book was just what the doctor had ordered for my reading slump. I could not stop turning the pages and tore right through this book. Trigger is an excellent, […]

So This Is Ever After by FT Lukens | Book Review

So This Is Ever After by FT Lukens has one of the most gorgeous covers. The colors, the art, I love. So when this book came across my email, I couldn’t resist temptation. And I am so down for a good fantasy and am frequently sold on dungeons and dragons comparisons. As it turns out […]

This Is Not The Real World by Anna Carey | Book Review

This Is Not The Real World by Anna Carey is the high stakes thrilling sequel to This Is Not The Jess Show. If you read further in this review, know that there will be spoilers for This Is Not The Jess Show, given that this book picks up a few months after it leaves off. For the […]

5 Reviews Of Throwback YA Books

As we approach the new year, I am trying to enter unburdened. So, I am going through my spreadsheets, typing reviews, and posting drafts. I want to go into 2022 free and clear without leftover unwritten Netgalley/Edelweiss reviews hanging over my head. And so, similar to a photodump, here is a review dump of five […]

5 Realistic Young Adult Books

Although I love my young adult stories with a side of magic and fantasy — sometimes I am down for a realistic story. The following five young adult books contain realistic stories and were especially captivating reads. I truly enjoyed the characterization, settings, and even romances featured within these books. Give them a chance — […]