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There will be SPOILERS in this review!
If you have not read Between The Lines, read ahead at your own risk!
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When we last saw the cast of School Pride, filming had wrapped up and they were beginning to go their separate ways. Now they are back, prepping for the red carpet release of the movie, and they are filled with more drama than ever before! Where You Are by Tammara Webber picks up right where Between The Lines left off flashing back to Graham and Emma’s surprising reunion in New York City. And guess what, it’s in Graham’s point of view!  There are actually four points of view in this story: Emma’s, Graham’s, Reid’s, and Brooke’s; and they are all very interconnected. Emma and Graham are now together and trying to figure out how to work through a long distance relationship. Even with the distance, they are very happy together, and Brooke is very unhappy about this. She wants Graham for herself; and is willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen … even teaming up with her ex Reid! Together Brooke and Reid pull out all the stops to break up Emma and Graham; but do they succeed? Or do they get caught the act?

Let me just say that Graham and Emma are seriously adorable together. I loved their skype sessons, and all their little moments together during the promotional tour. I even loved their little insecurities and their ability to get jealous over the littlest things. Graham is an absolute sweetheart to Emma. He really does struggle with his increased jealousness and protectiveness of her, and how it went against everything he was ever raised to be because of his mother and his sisters. Since he was young, the females in his family always reminded him that a man does not have to act jealous or proclaim ownership over a woman in order to make her his. If anything, that actually makes him unworthy of her. I loved reading all about this! I also enjoyed reading about Emma as she re-entered the world that she’s planning on giving up as after the movie premiers, her plan is retire from acting, and go to college, and lead a more “normal” life. It was interesting to watch her realize that she was making the right decision by walking away. Also, her innocence was the perfect blend with Graham’s sweetness. I really did love them together.

Of course, if you want to have a little bit of drama you have to have more than just sweet and innocent characters. And believe me, Where You Are packs the drama even more so than Between The Lines, and I loved all of it. Brooke and Reid both have the role of manipulative schemers down to a science, and the schemes that they came up with really did play off the fears and the misconceptions within Graham and Emma’s young relationship. Their manipulations help reveal the vulnerability in Graham, and the true nativity in Emma as well as previously unseen characteristics in Brooke and Reid. Of course not all these characteristics were good to see but, I did feel that you did gain an understanding as to why they were doing what they were doing. Both Reid and Brooke have many flaws but this does not make them nonredeemable characters to me. Even after everything they did, I’ll admit I still want them to be able to have their happy endings too.

I have to give Tammara Webber credit for knowing exactly how to write complex characters and drama that will keep me invested till the very end. Her writing style is very fluid and understandable even as she just keeps the twists and turns coming. I never know exactly what to expect from her stories, and I love it! I’m very happy to hear that she has been signed by Penguin for her book Easy which is currently on my to-be-read list but first I think I need to continue on with my Between The Lines series love and dive into book number three: Good For You. I seriously cannot wait. Bring on the Reid arrogance and charm … and I imagine some drama too!

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  1. I skimmed this, although I’m not too worried about spoilers though I do plan on reading this! Great review, Allison!

  2. I think for the holidays I am going to ask for more time so I can read all these wonderful books. I still have yet to experience Tammara Webber.

  3. I seriously loved Easy. It was PERFECT. Now this series is getting more attention and YOUR REVIEW ISN’T HELPING ME NOT READ IT.

  4. Haven’t read this one. Thanks for the review! 😀

  5. Oh I loved this one! Graham/Emma are absolutely perfection, and I loved every scene with them together. Brooke drove me crazy… she was pretty close to nonredeemable for me. Reid on the other hand… I loved his character growth, and how he could see right from wrong. It’ll be interested to see what his story is in the 3rd book; I need to find time to read it sometime soon.

  6. I LOVED this series and came to absolutely adore Reid in Good For You. Seriously. He was fantastic in that book. Easy was an incredible stand alone, and Tammara is working on book FOUR in BTL right now! I’m slightly giddy with excitement. And yes. It’s Brook’s story.

  7. LoL. loved the drama in this. I was on my couch stuffing my face with chips in total glory.

    I haven’t read reids story yes, I plan to soon… and I know that there was a book 4, but holy crap, brooks story!! I can’t wait for that! I must get back to these.