P.S. I Like You | My Heart And Other Black Holes | Between Us And The Moon

I love how when I need a solid read, Kasie West ALWAYS delivers. I do not like how when I finish one of her books that means there’s one less book in my reserves. The feeling of having a Kasie West book to look forward to is amazing. P.S. I Like You is the latest Kasie […]

Rush | Frost Like Night | The Cemetery Boys | MiniReviews

Another day, another post of mini reviews. So, this time around you will see that I am not 100 about all three of these books, however, one of these was absolutely worth my time. The rest, well, I am ambivalent in my opinions. Rush by Eve Silver is a book that I picked out on […]

What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler | Book Review

What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler is one hell of a young adult fiction debut. I mean, yes, I knew to expect excellence after reading and really loving Rapture Practice, Hartzler’s memoir, but What We Saw just blew me away. I had plans to eventually read this book but nothing too terribly solid. It was more of […]

Astray by Amy Christine Parker | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To This Book? A few years ago I read and loved Gated by Amy Christine Parker. It is this awesome book about this girl named Lyla who lives in a Community that is run by this man named Pioneer who insists that the outside world is evil and so the Community keeps […]

Gated | Amy Christine Parker | Book Review

Y’all, there is never a time in my life where I would say no to an interesting, traditionally published book featuring cults. For serious, like one time Christina recommended an adult fiction cult book to me and I read the heck out of it. When I saw Gated by Amy Christine Parker on Netgalley, the description basically […]

Book Review: Angry Young Man by Chris Lynch

Angry Young Man by Chris Lynch is a very short young adult novel at 176 pages which explores the dynamic between one such angry young man named Xan who doesn’t seem to fit anywhere and ends up turning to anarchy and his brother, Robert who is Mr. Popular, athletic, and has status.