The Princess And The Pony by Kate Beaton | Book Review


Why Did I Read This Book? So, I got Kate Beaton's The Princess And The Pony in the mail unexpectedly. It just arrived with no fanfare or explanation or request or anything. I am not typically a picture book reader, however, pretty much everyone in my life is on the having babies track at the moment … [continue]

Truly, Madly, Famously by Rebecca Serle | Blog Tour & Review Preview


Hello reader friends! Welcome to my stop for the Truly, Madly, Famously Blog Tour!  First thing first, if you scroll all the way to the bottom, there is a rafflecopter, feel free to enter it. Second, I have not finishing reading Truly, Madly, Famously yet because I am forever behind. Alas. However, I have finished Famous In Love […]


When The Stars Align by Jeanette Grey | Book Review

When The Stars Align Jeanette Grey Book Cover

I won’t lie, I was eavesdropping on twitter and saw a group of people intent on requesting When The Stars Align by Jeanette Grey on Netgalley and picking it as their weekend read and then deciding to take it upon myself to request the book as well. My logic is that if other bloggers are talking […]


Insurgent by Veronica Roth | Audiobook Review


Why Did I Listen To This Book? I listened to Insurgent by Veronica Roth as a way to re-read the book in anticipation of Allegiant. Straight up, I will admit that I was holding off forever on reading Allegiant because I stumbled on the spoiler on Instagram or something back when the book first came out and so, […]


Taking Aim: Power And Pain, Teens And Guns edited by Michael Cart | Book Review

Taking Aim

Taking Aim: Power And Pain, Teens And Guns edited by Michael Cart is a young adult anthology centering around guns. There are a variety of stories included showing various sides of the gun control debate. In all, this is an okay anthology with some stand out stories and then some duds. In all, I could see […]


Juba!: A Novel by Walter Dean Myers | Book Review

Juba by Walter Dean Myers Book Cover

The thing about Walter Dean Myers’s books is that there is something for everybody. Walter Dean Myers was a prolific writer with books about young adults of color that span a wide variety of genre and situations. Juba!: A Novel is the last book that Myers wrote and for the most part it is a book […]


Halloween: Magic, Mystery, and the Macabre edited by Paula Guran | Anthology Review

Halloween Magic Mystery And The Macabre

I’ll admit — I was really looking forward to Halloween: Magic, Mystery, and the Macabre edited by Paula Guran. However, I ended up feeling like this was an uneven anthology with few stories that blew my mind. Thirteen by Stephen Graham Jones Well, the first story in Halloween: Magic, Mystery, and the Macabre is super weird. It’s […]


Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman | Book Review

Illuminae book cover

My immediate first words upon finishing Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman were “what do I even do with my life now?” For real, this book took me on quite the journey and I do not know about you all, but when I come back from a particularly great trip, I have this disoriented […]


Until Beth by Lisa Amowitz Blast & Giveaway

Happy Book Birthday UNTIL BETH! We’re so excited to be sharing this fantastic Young Adult novel by Lisa Amowitz with you today! Be sure to stop in at the bottom, and enter the giveaway for books, swag and a guitar pick necklace! The giveaway is open internationally! About The Book UNTIL BETH Author: Lisa Amowitz […]


Cleopatra’s Shadows by Emily Holleman | Book Review

Cleopatras Shadows Emily Holleman Book Cover

Review + Summary – Cleopatra’s Shadows by Emily Holleman explores the story and motivations of Cleopatra’s sisters Arsinoe and Berenice in her debut novel.

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