A Wedding For Christmas by Lori Wilde | Book Review

I think that Lori Wilde’s books are fast becoming a Christmas staple for me. A Wedding For Christmas is the latest in Wilde’s Christmas themed books set in Twilight, Texas. This book is a bit of a companion to I’ll Be Home For Christmas. However, you do not need to read any of the other books in […]

I’ll Be Home For Christmas | Lori Wilde | Review + Giveaway

I’ll Be Home For Christmas by Lori Wilde is a book about Gabi Preston and how Christmas totally does find her where the love light gleams (see what I did there). Wilde’s book is probably my favorite of the Christmas romances I’ve read so far this year — I am not counting Hot Toy because that’s […]

Falling Into Bed With A Duke by Lorraine Heath | Book Review

Girl. GIRL. These are the sorts of things I shout when discussing Ryan Gosling or you know romance novels, in an exaggerated tone of voice for sure. Right now as I am talking to you about Falling Into Bed With A Duke by Lorraine Heath, I might as well be giving you my GIRL GO GET THIS […]

Christmas At Twilight by Lori Wilde | Book Review

One of the best ways to get into the mood for the holidays is to read a Christmas romance. What I love about holiday themed books is that they are usually really fast reads and give me the chance to sample authors that I probably would not have considered trying out before. I’ve never read […]

Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase | Book Review

I randomly decided to start readingSuddenly Royal by Nichole Chase one night because I had just come off a New Adult bender after reading the Marked Men books and was like, hmmm, what other new adult do I have lying around the house. And lo and behold, the beautiful pink winking cover ofSuddenly Royal was […]

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished | Sarah MacLean | Book Review

When I am on a mini-break from work, I do not want heavy reads. When I am consuming a bottle of wine and decide, HEY LET’S READ A BOOK, I know that I want sexytimes and adults and GOWNS (and yes I totally did tweet that after finishing off a bottle of wine, while reading […]