Christmas At Twilight by Lori Wilde | Book Review

One of the best ways to get into the mood for the holidays is to read a Christmas romance. What I love about holiday themed books is that they are usually really fast reads and give me the chance to sample authors that I probably would not have considered trying out before. I’ve never read […]

Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase | Book Review

I randomly decided to start readingSuddenly Royal by Nichole Chase one night because I had just come off a New Adult bender after reading the Marked Men books and was like, hmmm, what other new adult do I have lying around the house. And lo and behold, the beautiful pink winking cover ofSuddenly Royal was […]

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished | Sarah MacLean | Book Review

When I am on a mini-break from work, I do not want heavy reads. When I am consuming a bottle of wine and decide, HEY LET’S READ A BOOK, I know that I want sexytimes and adults and GOWNS (and yes I totally did tweet that after finishing off a bottle of wine, while reading […]

One Good Earl Deserves A Lover | Sarah MacLean | Book Review

Why’d I Read This Book: Y’all probably already know this but when it comes to historical romance, I consider Sarah MacLean’s books to be the holy grail. Her heroines are all strong and fierce and ladies that I would totally smoke a cheroot with and sneak into gambling clubs. And her heroes, oooo girl get […]

Rescue Me Rachel Gibson Book Review

Looking for a down home romance to kick off your sizzling summer? Look no further than Rescue Me by Rachel Gibson. Rescue Me takes place in small town Lovett, Texas and is all about finding your roots when you have wings. Sadie Jo is a notional 33 year old real estate broker with a serious case of […]

Secrets Of A Summer Night Lisa Kleypas Book Review

The thing that I love about being a new romance reader is that there’s this whole genre and world of books out there just waiting to be discovered. One could easily get lost trying to navigate the vast romance section, but luckily I have a lot of friends to guide my way. On recommendation from […]