Ashes | Ilsa J. Bick | Book Review

I have to say, it’s kind of cool hanging onto review copies that I just have not been able to get to, because when I finally pick them up to read them, my mind is cleared of all hype and you know, the copy still gets a review and if we’re lucky that convinces someone […]

Something Strange And Deadly Susan Dennard Book Review

My attention usually perks up when someone mentions zombies. Throw 1876, the post-Civil War era into the mix and you have me as a reader hook line and sinker. Something Strange And Deadly by Susan Dennard adds a unique spin to the paranormal zombie genre via setting. Further, it is an example of strong characterization. Something Strange […]

Zom-B Darren Shan Book Review

When I saw Zom-B by Darren Shan glimmering in piles at BEA, I knew I should probably pick it up because it’s about zombies and it’ll give me something to talk about with Tony. Unfortunately, we both ended up not exactly being huge fans.

Dearly Departed Lia Habel Book Review

Dearly Departed by Lia Habel is a debut that has knocked me dead. Set in an interesting, steampunk world where inhabitants follow Victorian conventions but have modern day technology, characters Nora and Bram live in an age where people reanimate after death due to the Laz virus. Dearly Departed is a sprawling read with a […]

Dead Reckoning Mercedes Lackey Rosemary Edghill Book Review

Zombies and steampunk and post Civil War Reconstruction era Wild West should be the most awesome combination ever, right? Alas, while the concept for Dead Reckoning by Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill was excellent, I found the overall execution to be quite lacking. Dead Reckoning specifically focuses on three main characters. Jett Gallatin is a […]

This Is Not A Test Courtney Summers Book Review

Courtney Summers has magical powers. No, really, she does. When I read her books, I forget to breathe because I am so caught up and invested in the lives of her characters. This Is Not A Test taught me to not pigeon hole great authors. Because, you guys, Summers writes GREAT contemporary, so I was like, oh […]