In 2017, I Hereby Resolve To:

1. Read four short stories per week and review them. I really do enjoy short stories and I have quite a few anthologies within my Netgalley and Edelweiss shelves. If I give myself the space to read four per week instead of one a day, I think I will be more motivated to actually read […]

In 2016, I Hereby Resolve To:

1. Make $5,000 From Good Books & Good Wine. Okay, if I am being honest, I have never made anything even close to that from this blog – not even in those times when I had extremely great traffic. However, I believe in setting big AUDACIOUS goals, and that is my big audacious goal this […]

Allison’s 2014 Recap/2015 Resolutions

So, what happened to me in 2014? January In January, I started classes as an online student at USC. I took three classes (twelve credits) and had to learn how to adapt to watching lectures on my computer and participate in discussions on Blackboard. I also had to re-learn how to dedicate myself to reading […]

In 2015, I Hereby Resolve To:

  1. Travel more. I am 27 right now and I really have not seen the world. I have not even seen the west coast. This is a resolution I will actually accomplish as I am going to Cabo in April for my cousin’s wedding. It will be the first non-English speaking country I’ve been to. The […]

In 2014, I Hereby Resolve To:

1. Keep My Need-To-Review Shelf In The Single Digits. Last year I got to the point where my books that need to have reviews written shelf went up to over 40. That was insane and way too much pressure and stress for me. And you know, I am not going to be that person who […]

Allison’s 2013 Resolutions

In 2013 I resolve to… Read 100 books. Last year my goal was 40 books and I was able to surpass it so I would really like to be able to challenge myself this year so I decide to make my goal 100 books. I really do think this will be attainable or at least […]