UNEARTHLY To Become A TV Show Maybe, YA Spooktacular, And Some Winners

YOU GUYS! I have much to share with you in this spur of the moment post. FIRST, I just heard the most awesome rumor, confirmed by THE INTERNET that Unearthly by Cynthia Hand is in DEVELOPMENT by Carol Mendelsohn Productions for the CW. Yeah that same channel that does Vampire Diaries and the Secret Circle. THAT […]


I hope posting this doesn’t make me a tool or anything, BUT GUYS, giveaways and chapter postings and an author appearance, that is the shit! And while I will be participating in the Dewey 24 Hour Readathon on the same day, I think this event is the perfect sort of break to take! PLUS, I […]

Penguin-Putnam Warehouse 2011 Sale Alert For Upstate NY!

Information for the 2012 Penguin Putnam Warehouse Sale can be found by clicking here. Please note this is the 2011 sales post. Howdy folks! Every year I eagerly anticipate word of the Penguin Putnam Publisher Warehouse sale. Basically this sale is held every year and it’s where Penguin sells remaindered books at LOW PRICES.

Divergent Sequel Title Announced

It’s no secret that I was a huge fan of Divergent and Tris and Four. I am so so so PSYCHED that one of the publicists at Harper Teen shared this news with me.       The sequel to Divergent by Veronica Roth now has a title. It will be called Insurgent. You can […]

‘I just have a lot of feelings’

I’m pretty sure that’s an applicable Mean Girls quote for almost every situation in my life. First: The winner of autographed copies The Ruby Oliver Series and Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks is Melissa V. Second: YA Bibliophile is hosting Sarah Dessen Week. In honor of Sarah Dessen week I’m giving away these finished copy […]

I Fall In Love Whenever We Meet: News & Such

First I have partnered with the super rockin’ site Inkpop and will be alerting you to their awesome writing contests. This week Inkpop has launched a writing contest based upon Amy Plum’s Die For Me: “Die for Me is unlike any other paranormal you have ever read. Instead of a cold and rainy atmosphere, imagine […]